Nepadayuschy and eco-friendly

C-1 - two-wheeled vehicle, which harmoniously combines the advantages of the bike (in the matter of pleasure, practicality and parking) and the benefits of the machine (in the matter of comfort and safety of passengers, which are protected by the body such as the capsule).

The beauty of this bike is its security. He never falls. As equipped with the most modern system of automatic stabilization - gyroscopic pendulum. According to its creators, C-1 never falls, even in the event of a collision with another car.

C-1 is an economical and environmentally friendly because it is 100% electric motorcycle. On a single charge it can go 320 kilometers. Vehicle weight of only 360 kg and has a maximum speed of 160 kmchas. From 0 to 100 kilometers of bike accelerates in just 6 seconds. Full battery charging takes 4 hours from the usual network 220V.


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