Japan has created the eco-friendly motorcycle toilet running on feces


Unusual motorcycles from Japan from the company TOTO go soon, the way the Japanese roads in the framework of the media tour. TOILET BIKE NEO seat-the toilet running on biogas and raw materials for production of fuel supplies by the driver. Such a cocky way eco-friendly motorcycle toilet on a plan Green Challenge should draw the attention of the public to the possibilities of alternative sources of energy.


The accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant forced the Japanese government to reflect on the transition to alternative energy. Nuclear plants will be gradually decommissioned, but we need to find a replacement, and one of the options is planned for biogas. To campaign in support of the use of biogas created these amazing motorcycles, Japanese motorcycle-toilet TOILET BIKE NEO.


Media reported earlier that the Japanese government has developed a plan to transform vast areas of unused paddy fields in power plant, processing the sun's energy. Only a fifth of the area of fields in this case will be able to replace the closure of nuclear power plants in the Country of the Rising Sun. But there are other ways of extracting alternative energy, including quite a serious contender is biogas — a product of controlled fermentation of waste biomass. It can replace natural gas, and automotive fuel, which is now made mostly from petroleum. In order to more clearly convey the idea of biogas to the mass consciousness, the company TOTO has released an unusual motorcycle-toilet TOILET BIKE NEO.

At first glance, this is the usual motorcycles from Japan, if not to look to their seat made in the form of the toilet. More precisely, this is the real toilet, which the driver from time to time may use for its intended purpose. Not too comfortable for driving, but what a publicity stunt! Moreover, the waste goes directly into revenue recycling into biogas, which operates the motorcycle.

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