Toyota company can supply hydrogen engine in the Lexus

as previously reported , December 15, Toyota launched the sale of the vehicle Toyota Mirai, which runs on hydrogen. Motor cars - electric, its power is 151 hp A converter produces electricity which is fed with hydrogen (stored in two tanks under considerable pressure to 70 MPa).

Oxygen same car gets motion capturing large volumes of air and passing it through a converter. As a result - a "charging" is enough for about 480 kilometers. So, this system, hydrogen engine, converter, etc., the company планирует put and Lexus-s.

It is worth noting that Toyota expects sales of about 700 cars with fuel cells in the first year of sales, with a further increase in sales to 3,000 (in 2017). The developers understand that design might like Mirai not for everyone. So now internally discussing the possibility of installing a hydrogen engine and Lexus LS.

If this happens, the first Lexus-s with a hydrogen engine will not earlier than 2017. According to data obtained from an internal source Toyota, car design to be changed in order to receive more air movement to cool the electric components.

Fuel cell itself will be installed under the front seats and the hydrogen tanks - under the rear seats. Most likely, such a model of the car will be a little easier this LS600hL. Well, on one refueling hydrogen Lexus can not travel more than 350 kilometers, and then have podzapravlyatsya.



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