Lexus announced the new LS hydrogen by 2019

It is expected that the new generation model will be presented in 2019. The company may Supplement the line of Lexus LS version running on hydrogen fuel cells.

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According to the data obtained by the publication Autocar, the new LS will be built based on technologies, which in 2015 was shown on the concept Lexus LF-FC. Thus, the system will have one electric motor on the rear axle and two on the front. Speaking about the potential of this model, the head of Lexus, Alain Uttenhofen confirmed his release, but noted that the ideal for such a car will be a hydrogen power plant.

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"We know how to do fuel cells. The only task is to pack them in the car, which needs a certain level of performance, about which the buyers in the premium segment, there are certain expectations. Thus, hydrogen fuel cells are the ideal, but we have to work on that car showed the right level of performance," — said Uttenhofen.

Sixty nine million one hundred thirty six thousand six hundred three

In addition to the hydrogen version, the new Lexus LS will be available in the usual diesel versions, and also as a hybrid with a V6 engine and will get an additional Autonomous technology and new features in the cabin, including the gesture recognition system. published 



Source: ecotechnology


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