Hydrogen fuel cells prolong flight multicopter 6 times

British engineers from the company Intelligent Energy объявили the decision one of the acute problems multicopter - too short flight time associated with insufficient battery capacity. The British offer hydrogen fuel cell, specially optimized for flying drones.

According to experts from the Intelligent Energy, adding them to the normal fuel cell battery extends multicopter flight time on a single charge with 20 minutes to two hours. And then you can quickly and easily replace the cells into charged.

Annual results of experiments with different models and variants of the UAV combination of batteries and fuel cells, the company promises to present at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January next year.

Intelligent Energy is engaged in the development of hydrogen fuel cells for a wide variety of electronic devices, from scooters to airplanes. In August, the company introduced a прототип iPhone 6 , convert it to work on fuel cells. According to them, the phone worked without charging a week (just like my button Nokia).

Passion multicopter in the last few years more and more people covered. Enthusiasts removed using cameras suspended beautiful videos . The authorities are taking steps to ensure that these drones are not prevented the security services . The Federal Aviation Administration has announced the mandatory registration of all drones weighing more than 250 grams.

But there were already flying vehicles that use hydrogen ... i>

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