Cody MakKaslend - little hero

When the family Texans Mike and Tina Makkaslendov a son Cody, doctors stunned parents terrible verdict: the child is not likely to survive.
Because of the wrong position of the fetus in the womb, leading to deformation of the spine, baby struck a rare illness - sacral agenesis. He was born without a tibia and knee joints. Crumbs as needed urgent surgery on the stomach, gall bladder, and intensive treatment of breathing problems.
First surgery he had on the third day after birth. And then there were fourteen. And the most terrible of them was in the amputation of both legs eighteen months of age Cody - almost to his knees.
It was then discharged parnishechke his first children's prostheses. And Cody learned to cope with them so deftly that soon began to run faster than their healthy peers well and even rode on one artificial leg. And now, in his seven years, he is still in full and swimming, playing football, hockey, golf. Not only that - karate!

"One problem: the son is growing so fast that constantly have to pick up a new, larger prostheses" - complains mother Cody. In addition, the prosthesis needs are different - for walking, jogging, climbing stairs on the playground. "It's worth a fortune, and we do, of course, such costs are not pulled, - says Mrs. Makkaslend. - But we have helped professionals from the local children's hospital. They provide us with prostheses free of charge. "Instead, friends and acquaintances Makkaslendov organized a campaign to collect donations to fund hospital - have collected nearly one hundred thousand dollars.

For two consecutive years, parents carry Cody at international sporting events for disabled children. And boy there is not a spectator, and the most active participant. This year, Cody has already won the gold medal in the women's race in the 60 and 100 meters. But his main hobby now - swimming. For pool dentures do not need and he has mainly work with your hands and feet stumps. Fifty meters crawl Cody swims for thirty seconds, and a year ago, when he first came to the pool, it takes almost a minute.

Amazingly, the seven year old boy, not yet aware, perhaps, that he makes every day a small feat, has become a symbol of resilience and the will to live for older people. "We get a lot of requests from people with disabilities to meet with our son," - says Tina Makkaslend. - Among them there are even a few ex-military, who lost his legs in Afghanistan and Iraq. Soldiers write that they are inspired by the example of our Cody & quot ;.


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