Born in the USSR! My Soviet childhood

It is interesting that in the blogosphere there are all new community where people share their memories of countless Soviet childhood. And in the country opened a museum dedicated to the Soviet past - to the point of Moscow, which contains slots.
This nostalgia has a number of aspects. One of them - this, of course, in itself nostalgia for childhood inherent in every person. Because as a child and trees seem larger, and the world more wonderful and magical.

"Tasty" memories
Bananas were green, there was no yoghurt, exotic fruit and imported ice cream ... But to be sure, a lot of what was not. However, the former Soviet children for hours to remember buns ready to 9 cents, chocolates «Start» & quot; and "Finish", fruit and berry ice cream to 7 cents, and soda machines from one cup at all. No less a cause nostalgia and dispensing juice at the store, as well as the parent confectionery creative - famous eggnog or homemade candy.
I still remember the packaging of dumplings "Russian" milk package blue with white patterns, sour cream in blue and yellow box. Now, some manufacturers produce something similar. However, many products then were much higher quality than it is now, that is, milk is milk.

Of course, the clothes had to be treated easily, but the purchase of every good news is the result of intense efforts of parents, becomes an occasion for an extraordinary mini-holiday. I remember that I had had three delicate Chinese dress (then hit for girls) T-shirts with a shiny applique, bolonevoe coat of sky-blue velvet dress with Hungarian exquisite embroidery, Japanese jackets, jeans and my first pale pink sneakers.

Our ideals were giants with feet of clay, and then they were severely discredited, but, nevertheless, ideological, oddly enough, gave special emotional feelings, and many of us actually do better.

I remember his pride after I was accepted into the Pioneers, pleasant stroking silky scarlet tie and "salute" banner, surrendered on his own initiative, preserved sentimental feelings about almost broadside stories about childhood Illich, and the desire to be like him. Bring joy to work with vozhatskaya Octobrists and books about pioneer heroes.
It was more a sense of global internationalism. How happy I played the role of Tajiks (our class got under the order of Tajikistan), and with what interest looked at Uzbek women with pigtails and striped dress, often appear on the street. And the ideology of ideology, and there was a sense of pride, forgive the banality of our country and children is a clear conviction that "tomorrow will be better than yesterday».

Yes, and not only in the matter of ideology. In head to drive in a lot of postulates, some of which were really useful: it is necessary to seek justice, not to be indifferent, corrupt, and be able to make friends, to strive for something higher, not to put money in the forefront. Perhaps many of these qualities and uncomfortable today, but by interfering with some street situation to protect the weak or being the only one who gives way to a pregnant woman in the Paris metro, I think about those echoes of Soviet education.

Cultural aspect
Still, the Soviet cinema and music still serve many moral support. Movies of our childhood talk about the unprecedented opportunities ("The Adventures of Electronics"), promised "Beautiful far" ("Guest from the Future"), just for this, as sung in the song, you have to become "cleaner and nicer." Children's films were accompanied by the music, which still finds an echo in the memory and in the soul - the already mentioned "Winged swing" or wonderful songs on the music Maxim Dunayevsky of "Mary Poppins, Goodbye." And that's what is important: while watching these tapes still feel like a kid.
There were more than life, sad movies: "In my death I ask blame Klava K", "Scarecrow", "You can not dream," telling the truth about ourselves. But we looked, of course, adults picture - or watching Ryazanov gaydaevskie comedy, lyric drama.
There are these tapes sense of peace, light and very special warm atmosphere. No wonder that we still are fueling this movie yourself. For me it is - one of the recipes to overcome a bad mood.
However, the movie should have been more "podgadat" time - we have not had a chance to see the movie "unplanned", VCRs came rather late. A lack of computers forced to read more. And read since not imagining a day without books. In this case I do not get used to the modern electronic versions.

Games and Toys
We only dreamed of toys that are now in modern children. The first Soviet electronic "Well, wait a minute!", "Funny Chef" and "Secrets of the Ocean" furor across the country. But we ourselves also were not born yesterday: regular laundry gum became fun girls for many, many hours - jumping in the yard, the house, pulling the gum between two stools. Well, of course, playing in the fresh air that was clearly good for your health, provide the necessary physical activity and develop fantasy.

Yard game with all sorts of dangerous (campfires) and non-hazardous (pouring of each other improvised bryzgalok) adventures left many a lot of sentimental memories, especially in light of the lost now "yard culture» ...
At home, for example, made of cardboard wonderful houses, obkleivaya their paper wallpaper. Many of my peers enthusiastically remember and summer camp.


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