Parallel worlds Michal Karcza

Winner snakes

Michal Karz was born in 1977 in Warsaw, Poland. He graduated from the High School of the Arts. Michal became interested in photography at an early age - boy liked to look at the world through the lens of my father's camera. In 2004, decided to combine the photo with the painting, and create a world of their own images.
On the threshold of silence

Spiritual archive

Digital photography and software gave the artist the opportunity to generate unique realities that can not be created using conventional darkroom techniques. Most of the work - a trip to a non-existent places that appear in the dreams of Michael, his desires, fantasies and fears. It is an escape from reality, which does not suit him. A master inspires mostly music.
Cave sirens

Path of least resistance


Leave on barren land

Spiritual Archives II


Design space

The last known photograph of God

Everything must perish



Basis tranquility


Dark Companion

Last settlement


Under the stars

Monuments deceit

Road to Nowhere


Scant knowledge

Infinitely deep

Images of War

Images of War II

Holy Wanderer

Faith, power and glory

Purified by fire



Heart of the Storm

Traveling alone


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