Google will return $ 19 million to parents whose children have committed reckless in-game purchases

Subject-game purchases in applications for smartphones rose Habré and Gikah more than once. And really - not so long ago (before the update settings corporation credit cards) the child could take the tablet or phone the parent with a credit card tied to your account, and make a lot of fun shopping.

Some kids, without knowing (or not thinking about the consequences) spend thousands of dollars parents money to buy another sword or skate in any toy for Android or iOS. Parents of these children have repeatedly appealed to the court, the authorities, and it worked.

US Federal Trade Commission has concluded with an agreement on compensation of Google tools for parents whose children have committed a rash purchase. The refund amount (for all parents, they may be thousands) of 19 million dollars US. Now the corporation sends letters to its users, who may have suffered because of the in-game purchases of their kids.

Apple is also now returns the funds to the parents in a similar way. The amount that Apple is going to return the victims is 32, 5 million US dollars . Refund Corporation made not as a gesture of goodwill, and to address all of the same US Federal Trade Commission.



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