10 products that are most harmful to figure

Most recently news site Mariupol published a list of products that cause irreparable damage to our figure. Many readers were surprised to see this list of foods that are considered useful and diet.
The main threat to the figures represent products with hidden nutrients. So, if you're used to eat low-fat dairy products, then you will be disappointed. American scientists have long been proven that low-fat foods lead to unhealthy entirety. If you eat fats in moderation, you will ensure yourself a bellyful. And products with zero fat almost saturated, so after a while we want to eat again.
Constantly eating low-fat foods, we consume more calories than you think. Because it is often more low-fat foods high in calories, because their composition is added components that enhance the taste. On average, food fat-free foods increases caloric intake by 250 kcal.
So, what products should be excluded from your diet if you want to have a beautiful, slender body?
1. Sugar. It is necessary to completely abandon sugar as an additive in tea or coffee. It is important to limit the use of packaged juices, which include those high in sugar. You can view the ads Mariupol , to find suppliers of natural juices in your city.
2. Potatoes. Only useful in baked or boiled. Otherwise, your body gets a dose of starch.
3. Flour products. Even those that are made from white flour. It is better to replace them with products from whole wheat or bran.
4. White polished rice. Has a high starch content, which contributes to weight gain. It is important to choose a variety of rice, ideally completely abandon white, and enter into the diet of brown rice, which retains all the nutrients of the cereals. And it needs to eat no more than two servings per week.
5. The rich broth of meat and poultry. In view of the high cholesterol content of such foods is to refuse.
6. Cereals and cereal noodles. Contain a large number of "empty" carbohydrates, which only briefly blunts appetite.
7. Butter. Calorie and fat product, the use of which should be limited to 10 grams per week.
8. Fatty sausages, meat, bacon, sausages, carbonates. These products prevent lose weight, as well as harmful to health. This may also include all kinds of canned food, which are saturated fats. So if you like mackerel in oil, you should wean eat such food.
9. Mayonnaise. Even the easiest or fitness mayonnaise - is another obstacle on your way to a slimmer body.
10. Crackers, chips, snacks, any "industrial" production. In such snacks provides a great amount of harmful substances, flavor enhancers, food additives. "Fast food" has never been useful.
Eat well, and your body will respond with gratitude. Proper nutrition combined with exercise will help get rid of the hated extra pounds. If you do not have time to go to the gym, board Russian help you buy a home trainer at an affordable price.


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