11 recipes pioneer past

We lament that today's children all the time sitting at the computer, remember myself at their age and think how could we then have fun and healthy, and how good it would be to return it all. Will return unlikely, but to recall it - no question! We all remember all 11 recipes pioneer past that we should tell children
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1. truffle milk mixture
The main ingredient should act infant formula "The Kid" (no "Semper" or, God forbid, "Nutrilon"!). By "kids" relies add half a cup of milk with dissolved in it cocoa and sugar to taste, and 100 grams of butter. All that you need to properly knead, from the resulting "dough" to roll the balls, roll them well in nuts or wafer crumbs and a little freeze in the refrigerator. Everything! Truffles are ready!

2. eggnog
Egg yolks are separated from the protein by prokovyrivaniya holes in the shell. While proteins are waiting for their turn in the refrigerator, whisk the egg yolks well with one tablespoon of sugar and a pinch of salt. For greater authenticity recommend whisking whisk (a particularly severe cooks can do conventional fork). Then remove from the refrigerator whites, add to them the sugar and salt and whisk well too. Proteins remains mixed with the yolks drink is ready. Alternatively, you can add the eggnog cocoa or coffee, but in our time it was considered self-indulgence.

3. Zhzhёnka
To prepare zhzhёnki requires a frying pan, sugar and courage. Sprinkle sugar on the pan (very little - one tablespoon or half), and place it on a small fire. When the sugar becomes brown and thickens, pour it into a tablespoon and slide instead of a match stick. I remember myself zhzhёnka taste was so-so, but the process is fascinating.

4. Carbide Bomb
Get carbide in our time was no easy matter, should apply a talent scout and some sleight of hand. But more simply. In a liter bottle filled one hundred grams (if more is better) carbide, and the whole thing is filled with water. Further bottle thoroughly shaken and hurled into the enemy. Carbide - not the fastest thing in the world, so with high probability the enemy side has time to catch up with you before the "bomb explode." However, no one promised it would be easy.

5. bombs paper
Collapse of a bomb notebook sheet - a trifling matter. But if you suddenly forgot how - we recall. Of the leaf cut out a square, bend it diagonally (first one, then the other), then turn off the workpiece in the "double triangle" and wrap the corners on both sides to the center. Fill the shell with water and joyously throws it off the balcony (in fact, you can do the usual paper bags, but it is not so interesting).

6. Candy dwarf
Gourmet, candy sweet tooth or gnome cause in mercantile purposes - there was an astral entity is obliged to bring a sweetness and leave their calling or called. The ritual is performed in a small dark room, such as the bathroom. On a string (usually to the faucet) hung candy, turn off the light, and all the participants of the action turns solemnly say "Candy dwarf, come" (the second option - a string tied to the legs of the stool). Then you have to wait. Once you smell the scent of chocolate quickly turn light: gnome nearby and you can suffocate. Dwarf away from the light, but since it will twice more sweet than it was originally. Dare!

7. Bolnichka
Without bubbles, plastic bottles, glass rods, small drugstore glasses and if you are lucky, the test tubes with notches - the game to the hospital loses its meaning. In our childhood we have come to the aid of friends, doctors, and military - military kit orange color was a miracle as well. Wool and dressing could always vytsyganit mom, but with a thermometer and a syringe was napryazhenka - they had to borrow from the home medicine cabinet.

8. sekretiki
They did everything, though somehow sekretiki considered predominantly girly fun. To start filming turf and under it digs a small pit. At the bottom of the pit fit bright candy wrapper or foil (depending on the aesthetic preferences dernokovyryatelya). And then - incredible space for imagination. Fresh flowers, leaves, buttons, beads and even penny neatly laid out on a substrate and covered with foil on top of bottle glass splinter. Glass may be clear, green, orange, and sometimes - and it was unreal beautiful - blue. Other piece of glass - different effect. Practically, in Instagrame.

9. Pannochka died
Magic ritual "Panochko died" was one of the most chilling of our childhood pastimes. A girl or a girl lay on the floor (you can on chairs) and other participants of the ritual (three to six) underlay under it on two fingers. Then it all turned a blind eye and in absolute silence leading terrible voice saying "Pannochka died." "Bury it will not! Let her bury devils! Amen! "- Answered the other. After this, it was necessary just to maintain the alleged arms up into the air a girl. Of course, nobody is taking off, but it was still awfully fun.

10. chafer
Lively and buzzing toy - chafer. Easy to catch it, but then the fun for the whole day. Beetle can be clamped in his hands and put your ear - he miraculously tickles and buzzes. It can be put in a matchbox and fed bread crumbs, grass and pollen, which he, of course, does not eat. And, you can bind to Zhuchin foot thread and run the poor guy in the sky like a kite. Importantly, do not forget zhuchilu then release into the wild. By the way, did you know that most of the "beetles" of our childhood were not the May beetles, and ordinary chafer?

11. Jumping on the bed springs
There is nothing better than finding a discarded in the yard of the neighbors spring bed and jump, jump, jump on it until until gasped. None of the modern trampoline not compare with good old spring bed. We all know that for sure.


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