T-90 "Vladimir"

Created in the late 1980s - early 1990s as the modernization of the T-72B under the T-72BU, but in 1992 was adopted already under the T-90. The name "Vladimir" received after the death of the chief designer Vladimir Ivanovich Potkin.

Machine weight 48 tons. The tank is a diesel engine B-92S2 1,000 hp The maximum speed of the car on the highway - 65 km / h on rough terrain and 50 km / h. Cruising on the highway is 550 km.
 - The gun-launcher 125mm 2A46M-5 or 125-mm 2A82 - main battle tank facility designed to defeat all kinds of ground, surface (in range) and low-speed air targets. Ammunition 40 artillery shells of various types: BOPS, OFS, COP or guided missiles (SD) 9K119M "Reflex-M».
 - Coupled with the gun 7, 62-mm machine gun 6P7K (PKTM). He intended to fight the enemy manpower, which is within the firing angles of the main armament. Machine gun paired with a gun and has the same field of fire with it. Ammunition 2000 cartridges 7 62mmh54R various types. This weapon is set in a completely new tower with a circular rotation developed zabashennoy niche.
 - Remote-controlled machine-gun installation T05BV-1 with 7, 62-mm machine gun 6P7K (PKTM). Designed to fight the enemy manpower that harbor or higher than the arc of fire the main armament, for example on the upper floors of buildings, steep slopes. Or below the arc of fire the main armament, in shelters, dugouts, or directly from the tank to the so-called "Dead zone" for the tank gun and coaxial machine gun. Thus, according to the designers must be provided combat stability of the tank and in cramped urban conditions of warfare. Ammunition 800 rounds 7 62mmh54R different types.
T-90 has a classic layout, with accommodation in the Office of the frontal part, the crew compartment - and the middle of the engine compartment - aft. The crew of the T-90 consists of three people - the driver placed through the longitudinal axis of the tank in the department of management and gunner with the commander located in a tower on the left and right of the gun, respectively.

In the summer of 1999, three of the T-90 were subjected to thorough testing in the Indian Thar Desert - so that is unlikely to survive any other machine in the world. With daily temperatures up to plus 53 degrees and night about minus 30, in dusty conditions, in the absence of roads, each T-90 tank was on several thousand kilometers.

On the effectiveness of the T-90 can be called after the second nuclear deterrent

Today, the upgraded T-90C is the next step in the development of the domestic tank development. He surely surpasses its predecessors in the main, decisive combat effectiveness indicators. This, above all, fundamentally increased capabilities of fire damage, high immunity to most anti-tank weapons destruction, reliable support system and improved mobility.


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