20 reasons why hamsters

Despite the neglect of hamsters to people who prefer their cats and dogs, hamsters are one of the funniest animals in the world. If you do not like hamsters, you just do not know how they should be handled.
Here are 20 reasons why hamsters are the best animals in the world.

When they meet someone who is 10 times more of them, they show real courage ... and run! Even if the whole world is falling apart, they will be able to keep what's really important for them

Even if they are trapped, rest assured, they will eat all the spaghetti

Chipsinu eat properly sized body? Children's toys!

Your hair never looked worse? If you are the same as the hard hamster, you still

Better not to compete with them in the competition-eating burritos

They are beautiful and not afraid to show it

They are constantly in search of something new and nothing can stop them

They are sincere ...

With them, you can go to explore

They are the most expressive model of the world

Stunning athletes

Faced with the danger, they are able to save the most valuable

Know their best angles

They are not tormented by the problem of choosing

They are very focused

Very stylish

Always walk confidently towards the goal

Know what to do with my personal time

And yes, the main thing - they oochchchen tricky!



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