Legalized robbery. As in Moscow carried out forced evacuation.

I never liked the way in Moscow carried out forced evacuation, although in 14 years time I got it twice - once for violating really (about eight years ago, stood under the sign of Berezhkovskaya) second - Move the machine in connection with anticipated problems in Mosgorizbirkoma after the announcement of the election results mayor of Moscow last year.

Yesterday, I experienced all the delights of this truly misanthropic service.

In the morning, I parked the car on the Romanov Lane, in the part that is not covered by the mark 3.27 and 1.4 markup.

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That's a sign, standing at the beginning of Romanov Lane:

And here is how the place where I parked (the left side of the road, alley side). No clearly visible on the left side of the road sign, and 3.27, 1.4, and yellow marking.

According to Annex 1 to the Rules of the road of the Russian Federation "ROAD SIGNS" sign 3.27 "No Stopping" prohibits stopping and parking of vehicles.

Coverage extends from the 3.27 mark the installation location to the nearest intersection sign him. Coverage 3.27 mark may be limited due to the use in conjunction with the layout 1.4, while the area of ​​the sign is determined by the length of the line marking. Action 3.27 mark applies only to the other side of the road on which they are installed.

Obviously, the park is a place where I parked - possible.

However, the SDA Parkon not read and I flew from them two fine. It was in May. I, of course, appealed the fines. MADI, naturally, raised the bolt on my complaint. Apparently, rarely communicate with colleagues from related structures, do not know what I was dead and exhaust if desired. I did not even bother to look for, where the response to my complaint, filed a complaint to the prosecutor. In July (the period of consideration of the initial application - 10 days!) I got the answer:

And, in fact, a decision dated July 18 (!):

Since then, that is, for more than two months, I have almost every day parked on this site. Fines are no longer seen, the base Parkon corrected and this section of it was expelled.

And yesterday morning my car with exactly this place was taken ... The car was evacuated this morning, I learned about it only at 19-00. And so it began ...

Call the hotline Moscow parking spaces allowed to find out that the car was taken to spetsstoyanku on the street. Shenogina ow. 3. I have before my eyes AMPP website where I can see the following:

Reaching the Shenogina I found out that the inspector MADI piled up from there two weeks ago ... Change one line on the site AMPP during this time could not.

The following address - Tourism, 21. If someone badly oriented in Moscow, prompt, evacuated me from the very center of Moscow, and st. Shenogina - a North-west, the area Khoroshevo-Mnevniki, more than an hour on obschestvennnom transport from the place of evacuation. Tourism, 21 is also CJSC, only its opposite end - Tushino, even more than an hour.

I was lucky - Choose from Shenogina to civilization (a place where something else - Industrial Area, building and transit prison) collided with a good man, just affected by the evacuation. Not only that drove past the gardens plugs to the subway, so also refused the money.

In MADI I came up with the clear intention to go from there without penalty and without receipts for 5000 for the evacuation.

Acting Deputy Chief of MADI (with this crap that they have all the deputy chief and acting deputy head I will deal separately, I have a suspicion that there is a very smartly staffing issues are addressed in order to provide the greatest number of employees the right to consider cases on administrative offenses! ) Sergey Danilov clearly explained to me that I have two choices: I'm just going to the forest to appeal or I go behind the car with a fine and a receipt, and then appealed. He openly declared that he was on the drum illegality of them handed down the decision, not the powers to make orders and release I had not.

I did not even try to explain to him that the Administrative Code is written differently. In the face of Mr. Daniel was evident that he is indifferent KOAP. He knows how to stamp regulations and prescribe penalties, I think - can not and does not want to.

As will still write it in the complaint, here for those interested in the article KOAP that violated Mr. Danilov.

Article 24.1. Objectives of proceedings on administrative violations
The objectives of the proceedings on administrative offenses are comprehensive, complete, objective and timely clarification of the circumstances of each case, the resolution of it in accordance with the law, enforcement of the judgment, as well as the identification of causes and conditions that contributed to the commission of administrative offenses.

Article 24.5. Circumstances precluding the proceedings of an administrative offense
1. The proceedings of an administrative offense can not be initiated, and initiated proceedings shall be terminated if at least one of the following circumstances:
1) the absence of an administrative offense;

Article 26.1. Circumstances to be clarified in the case of an administrative offense
In the case of an administrative offense subject to clarification:
1) the existence of an administrative offense;
2) a person who commits illegal actions (inaction) for which this Code or the law of the Russian Federation provides for administrative liability;
3) a person guilty of an administrative offense;
4) circumstances mitigating administrative responsibility, and the circumstances aggravating administrative responsibility;
5) the nature and extent of the damage caused by an administrative offense;
6) circumstances precluding the proceedings of an administrative offense;
7) other circumstances relevant for the proper resolution of the case, as well as the causes and conditions of an administrative offense.

Article 29.9. Types of decisions and determinations in the case of an administrative offense
1. Upon review of an administrative case can be made the decision:
1) impose an administrative penalty;
2) the termination of the proceedings of an administrative offense.
1.1. Decision to terminate the proceedings of an administrative offense shall be made in the case of:
1) there is at least one of the circumstances specified in Article 24.5 of this Code;

All the necessary information to make an order to cease and not to force me to appeal knowingly illegal decision to prosecute Mr. Danilov was. He preferred not to notice them. Well, we will require bringing him to responsibility for it! So, we continue the epic.

Mr. Danilov gives me the protocol and regulations for review and I see that there is an invalid address - instead Romanov, House 2 p.1 indicated Romanov house 3/7. This house does not exist in nature, there are 3 Building 7, but 3/7 - no. And, most importantly, the car stood in front of the house 3s7, on the odd side of the alley where the stop is actually banned - is seen in the photo above prohibitory sign. I want to show my photographic images of what is denied - Mr. Daniel waving a piece of paper in front of me, Inspector MADI composed on the spot, which indicates about 3/7. All other inquiries and viewing photographic images - on appeal.

Ok. Already feel like home. I write in the report and the resolution of their disagreement, signs, takin.

Scan 2

At this point, calling a colleague and said that with the Romanov continues to export cars. I invite Mr. Danilov inform their colleagues about the illegality ettih action than to save time and nerves heap of people. What Mr. Danilov gives enchanting phrase "For two illegal evacuation inspector dismissed and my duty to call and warn not included!" In my opinion it is the quintessence of all evacuation chaos - all in all do not care, even within the same structure!

Going home for the money, with a 5000 was not, then at Shenogina, get the car. Lovely staff spetsstoyanku even agreed protocol otkserit me because, it turns out, pick up the car leaving it to them it is not possible ...

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All this crap I appealed. Then I will demand the return of cash paid and compensation for costs incurred and for moral damage. It is clear that they voluntarily returned only 5000, no costs, no harm, they do not make up, and it will have to pursue through the courts. I am so angry that even for such small things (taxi spent about 1,000 rubles, 40 on the subway, and of non-pecuniary damage in 50 thousand I appreciate, God forbid thousands otsuzhu 5) I am willing to spend time on the court. From the principle.

And yet - please repost, retweet, and so on. With Romanov take out for a week, the victims - at least a hundred, I am happy to share with all models of complaints (as will be ready - Fasten your seat here in the post, yet did not have time to write).

The End.


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