Just one day

of the 7 billion people living on 5 continents, in 193 countries on the planet Earth, some still asleep, others awake. And only 6 residents not wake up on Earth and in space, but rather at a distance of 415 kilometers from her. These are members of the International Space Station, which include Elena Serova - the first in 17 years, the Russian cosmonaut-tester.

A new day will bring our planet 380,000 new residents.

Around 18 million people of celebrating your birthday.

Today will not be a reason for joy in 9, 8 million people who sit behind bars.

During the day, the sky will be 8, 6 million lightning theoretically using this energy could light the big city.

Within one day fall as rain, that this would be enough water for all people on the planet to take a shower ... 1414 times.

One tree will allocate per day of oxygen, which would be enough for 2 people on the planet.

The inhabitants of the earth take their journey - at work or in other cases - the roads, the total length on the planet is 70 million miles.

In one day, with the production of ribbons descend 142,000 new cars. If they are put one after the other, they would have taken all the way from Berlin to Stuttgart or about 512 kilometers.

It's time for lunch: Asia each eat one bowl of rice, and the average citizen of Europe - just one tablespoon with a slide.

People around the world will eat in one day: 800 million oranges ...

and one billion apples.

and 1, 5 billion bananas

And now it's time to work: the Chinese one day gather 510,000 tons of rice. (

All over the world will gather 1 700 000 tonnes of fruit.

Chickens worldwide demolish 190 million eggs.

All together the eggs, which will carry the chickens in the world for one day, will weigh as much as weigh 110 passenger aircraft.

In the world of live 339 million people suffer from obesity, but three times as many people on our planet suffer from hunger and malnutrition.

People all over the world for just one day buy: 570,000 TVs ...

3 and 4 million phones.

and 540 million newspapers.

and 820,000 golf balls.

And pay for the purchase of 182 world currencies.

The inhabitants of the planet Earth 22 billion times to flush the toilet per day. This amount of water could take a bath half of humanity.

Average European produce from 1, 2, and 1, 4 kilograms of garbage.

Evening came - time to relax and have fun. You can, for example, read a book. The choice is huge. Only for one day in 2753 published the new book.

If all newly published books put into one pile, they reach the top of the pyramid of Cheops.

10, 7 million Indians look evening movie at the cinema.

231 million people in the evening will love.

Night falls, and people around the world turn off the lights, most of them - 4 billion people - live in Asia.

In a world of 100 million lives a man named Chan - is the most common surname in the world.

24 hours for the inhabitants of the earth the sun rose 1 times and once logged in. But not for that 6-ki on the ISS from space for the day will see 16 sunrises and 16 sunsets.

Source: fullpicture.ru



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