KamAZ in the subway

In Naberezhnye Chelny car "KAMAZ", loaded with sand, fell into the underpass,
killing a young woman and her husband suffered eighteen months the child,
reported by "RIA Novosti" the press service management traffic police in Tatarstan.
According to the report, the tragedy occurred on Monday at 9:40 in Komsomolsk district.
The family went down to the underpass. Father with child walking in front, his mother was carrying the stroller and
descended behind family. Truck, flights concrete border transition, fell directly on the stairs.
29-year-old woman died on the spot proisshestviya.31-year-old head of the family has received bruises feet,
child escaped with bruises. After care neither man nor baby hospitalization not
needed, noted in the traffic police. According to preliminary data, "KAMAZ", powered,
brakes failed. To avoid collisions on the road, 57-year-old truck driver swerved to move,
hoping that the concrete border will help him to stop.
An investigation is underway a tragic accident, set the degree of fault of the truck driver.


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