Selection float depending on water flow

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Stagnant water - it ponds, reservoirs without flow or weak wind currents and lakes. The depth at the point of catching 1, 5 and 4 meters. The main fish - the medium-sized roach, bream, perch, bream. There are few bites and more solid fish to 400-500 g

Float for the given conditions - elongated shape, "spindle" or "drop". Carrying capacity of 1-3 Ogruzhat need to float half antenki. It should be thin and made of plastic. When you consider the weight ogruzke attachments: a few larvae maggots on the hook can drown float!

The main fishing line diameter of 0, 11-0, 13 mm, leashes, I use of high-quality line diameters 0, 08-0, 10 mm. Hooks №№ 18-20 on the international classification of fine wire, and preferably with a shovel. As undershepherds better to put two or three pellets number 10, followed by intermediate goods from two to four pellets №№ 7-8, and above the main cargo consisting either of olives and loaded pellets, or from a chain of several pellets.

If the fishery can peck bream per kilogram or large roach to ide, the hooks can put larger and snap tie on the line 0, 12-0, 14, and use the leash to 0, 10-0, 12 mm.

But even if you have a leash 0, 08 mm and got a big carp, you do not just give up! No need to force the landing of better patient and controlling fish, wait for it to allow it to make podsachek.


This river with an average or strong currents and channels. The depth of 3-5 meters and more. The species composition of fish - bream, bream, crucian carp, roach and other cable. Weight pecking fish can be from several tens of grams to kilograms of two or more.

Equipment for flow have their own characteristics. Floats spherical shape. This can be "inverted drop" unstretched "spindle". Weight of 3 to 6 grams, in rare cases up to 8 grams. Perhaps the use of floats with metal keel - they are more resistant to waves and currents. Are proven floats , whose fishing line passes through the body of the float. Such models are less prone to cut fishing line, than the floats, in which the fishing line passes over the body. Damage varnish on the float body may then lead to the fact that the float will "drink" and the water sink.

Ogruzhat float for the flow to be under the base antenki or slightly above - when trolling with snap-over will pull the float, and the middle antenki is just on the surface of the water line.

Snap fit on the main line 0, 12-0, 15 mm. Leads used from 0 12 to 0 14 mm. Fish actively resists flow, plus when playing on the line pushes the water, so the granulate with diameters not worth it. It also must be said that bite and fish during the usually more aggressive and less cautious fish.

Locate the pellet as follows. As undershepherds put a bunch of three pellets number 8, further intermediate goods - 2-4 pellets №№ 4-6 and then the main burden with olives. Moving the intermediate load, you can achieve different heights above the bottom of the nozzle lift with troll gear. A shifting of the pellets up-undershepherds, you will be able to pitch your tip more delicate or customize gear for fish that inhabits the different horizons.

I hope my tips will help you catch more efficiently and getting more emotion from the process of fishing and fighting trophy fish.


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