Japanese airlines were allowed to use electronic gadgets during flight

Japanese airlines were allowed to use electronic gadgets.
Japanese airlines have decided to lift the ban on the use of electronic gadgets during takeoff and landing. Ministry of State Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has taken such a decision, following similar trends in the US and the EU on Saturday, September 6th.

From now on all planes of the Japanese airlines can use a wide range of electronic devices, previously, however, translating them into a special mode "during the flight." This disables cellular handheld device, so call or SMS will still fail. However, most domestic air routes in Japan are equipped with wireless Internet Wi-Fi, so that during flights within Japan, to connect to the internet will still be possible.

One of the main advantages, according to Japanese inhabitants, which makes it a major change is that now passengers are finally able to legally take photos or shoot video of takeoff and landing aircraft using their handheld devices.



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