MOTA SmartRing: clever clever ring instead of hours

Number of manufacturers of smart watches, bracelets and other intelligent high-tech accessories already surpasses. Every week for the race production of such devices are being added all the new companies that create their own gadgets, with visible excitement among tech giants, and among nouneym manufacturers.

As a result - the same clever niche hours already crowded, and it is getting closer, so to speak. Therefore, manufacturers have come up with something new. Someone adds its own smart watch any unique features or unusual appearance. Well, someone creates adapters new type. This is what the company MOTA, which announced the imminent entry into the market ... the clever ring.

Smart-hours seem too big and uncomfortable? Then you can try MOTA SmartRing.

Despite its size, the ring is equipped with a small display, wireless module Bluetooth and vibration. When connected to a smartphone (iOS or Android) ring allows you to track the notification of incoming messages, and also shows the time.

MOTA SmartRing can track the receipt of e-mail, text messages, calendar events, and incoming calls. In addition, there is also the opportunity to receive notifications about events in your account Facebook or Twitter. When receiving a message ring vibrates.

By itself, water-resistant housing MOTA SmartRing.

This week, the device will be shown at the Berlin Technoshow IFA, which will be announced on the technical specifications, price and release date device.

Actually, MOTA SmartRing - very unusual mikronishevoe device. But knowing the love of many geeks and ordinary people to novelties in the world of technology, we think, a buyer will find this device.

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