How to make a carrot fruit

Laws are created to get around them How to bypass - it is a separate issue, but the topic of finding loopholes in the legislation is well known since the times of the ancient world. Remember how in the "Chronicles of the reign of Charles IX» Merimee described spirited evasion post? When the soldiers want myastsa a fast day, asked the priest to baptize two chickens, one name the trout, and the other - mackerel. Well, that was disguised as a priest and a Huguenot him go, in general, there was no place - it is the third.
So, when the carrots on the European classification suddenly became fruit, nothing out of the ordinary, in general, did not happen. (There's even a topic for tomato fruit ranked). A casket just opened - by the laws of the European Union can not sell vegetable jam. In this case, carrot jam stable demand. Why jam vegetables so discriminated against - this is a question for psychiatrists, but decided the case and point. Well, some have decided, while others, not especially straining, traveled not very clear law. Therefore, since 1991 carrot roots in Europe has the status of fruit.
By the way, and rightly so, as for me. The product is really outstanding. No wonder he arrange festivals in honor of its importance and usefulness. There's also really easy storage of vitamins and minerals. By the way, googled recipes jam. It's simple. You will need to try, which is why even though this fuss then broke out.


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