Stone Fish

One of the most poisonous and also the ugliest of marine animals - fish stone.
It is also called bugorchatkoy or synanceia verrucosa. This being the length of 15-20 centimeters,
a large ugly head, small eyes and a large mouth with prominent lower jaw.
Naked, without scales, brownish-brown, sometimes with light spots and stripes, the body of the fish-stone
covered with bumps and warts and dorsal fin sticking out of the hard poisonous spines.

If a person steps on the stone fish or accidentally touches her, she immediately dug into his fin spines at the base of which are poisonous glands. Yad synanceia verrucosa extremely dangerous. There are cases when people are killed in a few hours or even minutes after the injection of its poisonous spines.

Fish-stone found in the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, the islands of the Pacific Ocean and northern Australia, whose inhabitants call it the warty vampire. People who are lucky enough to survive a shot synanceia verrucosa often remain disabled, because its venom destroys red blood cells and affects the central nervous system.


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