Most popular this summer sweets

Summer ends, and during all this time here and there floated mention of some new methods and recipe for tasty. I gathered for you mileyshie fotoidei that will please both their views, so, probably, and taste. Excuse me, that without a prescription, we still do not culinary blog.

Bear with gifts

Mileyshaya idea to please yourself and loved ones. Lepim bear of a suitable test and give a greedy kid in the hands of the big nut. And tasty, and fun.

Donuts with sprinkles pistachio

On top of a sweet, crunchy glaze loose petals lie pistachios. Sweet and gentle!

Chocolate cake in a cup

This recipe is inspired its brilliant simplicity. Recipes chocolate cakes in the circles are in abundance in the network (I checked). Kneaded ingredients per serving - and in the microwave. Then spoon the cake is eaten directly from the container.

Fruit Mix

"Wet" fruit this summer became a salvation for Americans. They polls prepared fruit cocktails with ice as a dessert. I believe that the people of all other countries did not lag behind. The best treat in the heat.

Bananas at the stake

Cute and sweet treats, with even creatively decorated. It would seem a trifle, but in fact nice!

Frozen yogurt

Treats for the heat, and not only. Just an unusual way to eat plain yogurt. Freezing in the refrigerator - and your ice cream is ready.

Frozen cocktail

I wonder whether it is possible to freeze the soup? More precisely, is it worth? Here are frozen cocktails - only way to go.

Fruit rolls

For the manufacture of such need transparent white salad. We do not sell this, but in principle it exists. Wrap sliced ​​julienne vegetables and eat as burritos.

Toast with honey and chocolate

Simple and brilliant. Although an amateur. But apparently, this meal was fed a good half of humanity this summer, too often see the recipe in a completely unpredictable places and sources.


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