10 most beautiful species from the hotel

Perhaps now simply find someone who will not matter where the hotel is located. Still nice to wake up and see the window fertile beauty. And in order to choose, we must at least know, but where just beautiful.

Kulm Hotel in St. Moritz, in the Engadine, Switzerland

One of the most famous hotels for the rich and famous people. Throughout the summer, with all windows overlooking the breathtaking scenery. Price of accommodation from 10,000 rubles per day. In fact, not so much for a five-star palace.

Istanbul Sumahan

It has the most favorable location for Istanbul. Firstly, it is near transport interchanges, separating Europe from Asia, so you can sail to other countries of the continent on the boat, passing other vehicles. Second, the view opens just delicious. At night, the eyes do not tear off the Bosphorus.

Arosa Kulm Switzerland

A symbolic place - and again in Switzerland! It is not just the panorama. The hotel is basically located in the mountains, in a picturesque secluded between forests and hills.

Shangri-La Dubai

Dubai - is the metropolis where today rebuilt so many skyscrapers and luxury hotels that the city is rightly ranked first in the world in terms of luxury, leaving far behind the iconic Vegas, say, or Tokyo. Get at least the same view from the upper floors of the Hotel Shangri-La. Well, is not this great?

Alila Villas Uluwatu in Bali

Bali has Bali, the first hotel here every something so beautiful. And how could it be otherwise in such a marvelous place? And this hotel allows you to enjoy a wonderful view, even without leaving the beach chairs in the morning. Room with a private pool overlooking the Indian Ocean. This is not unpretentious hills on the horizon!

Four Seasons in Sydney

Signed harbor must be the best view for the view than the natural scenery, since the hotel is clearly belongs to the category of elite. Every New Year's Eve in the harbor launch hundreds of fireworks, and watch the spectacle - a special delight guests.

Intercontinental Hotel Hong Kong

This hotel, where are the best apartments, where you can observe the city's harbor from Kowloon peninsula. The scope of the industrial bustle impressive. Of course, it is for the fans of this fuss. Someone very much like it.

Four Seasons Prague

Those "Four Seasons", but with an emphasis on the review of architectural masterpieces. However, such a lovely diversity of Czech houses should contemplate the morning. Positively! From the windows of the hotel is perfectly visible area of ​​the Old Town and Charles Bridge.

Shangri-La in Paris

The French, apparently upset that the Arabs jump on them as regards buildings, and created their own Shangri-La. The view from here is so romantic, that the owners of the hotel are proud to say that there are constantly making suggestions to the ladies as the locals and tourists alike. "And none of them said 'no'!" - Happily add administrators. Well, right away, and it depends on, yeah.

Sweni Singita, Kruger National Park in South Africa

Kruger National Park is so wonderful that the comments did not need it. And it's great to have a bed outdoors - with a canopy. Mosquito has not been canceled.


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