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Many of the well-known resorts are located far above sea level ... I offer you a selection of beautiful hotels, located high in the mountains. Location: the Himalayas, Shimla, India
Untouched nature and antique furniture make this place one of the most luxurious hotels in the mountains. The hotel is designed in a colonial style, and a view of the majestic mountains of the windows make you feel like in a fairy tale.

Location: Jackson Hole, Wyoming
At the top of the mountain Jackson Hole is located Amangani (which means "cozy, quiet house") - one of the most amazing mountain hotels. It offers a great view of the mountains Grand Teton, meadows and valleys.
Guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the outdoor pools

Location: southern part of Tyrol, Italy
The hotel has no cars, the prices are quite reasonable, and the hotel meet the standards of "green" technologies. Visitors can take a dip in the hot springs, stroll through the woods clean. Also nearby is the church. Dinner at the hotel sometimes cooked in the oven, which is about 100 years

Location: Tibet, China
From outdoor pools offer a view of the valley of the Himalayas. Architectural solutions with elegance and simplicity, as is customary in Tibet.
From the hotel you can go on a tour of the monastery, whose age, 600 years.

Location: Vernon, British Columbia
Elegant architecture, shining Swarovsky rhinestones make this hotel one of the most beautiful in its segment alpine hotels. The hotel is located in the mountains of Monash, there are a famous Okanagan Lake.
The ceiling of the indoor swimming pool decorated with crystals Swarovsky.

Location: Atlas Mountains, Morocco
An entrepreneur from the UK was able to restore the greatness of this hotel, which was once a private villa Italian artist. The hotel has two huge swimming pools, a private art collection.
From the hotel you can take a tour through the mountains on mules, visit craft workshops, go to a museum where you can learn about the cultural and natural heritage of these places.

Location: Patagonia, Chile
From the hotel you can go on an excursion to the National Park Torres del Paine, take a walk on horseback (the hotel has its own stables on 26 goals), learn the culture of the gaucho in Estantsii

Location: Val Thorens, France
This hotel is located in one of the most famous ski resorts, Altapure. Visitors to try yourself in extreme driving on snow, ride on the longest road in Europe for tobogganing or try paragliding.

Location: St. Moritz, Switzerland
The hotel overlooks the Lake St. Moritz. This place attracts wealthy people, celebrities, members of royal families. One of the most popular and well-known ski resorts

Location: Mont Tremblant, Quebec
Stunning nature of these places can hardly remain indifferent to someone, you can stroll through the green forests in the summer, enjoy the colorful beauty of this place in the fall, winter, snow-capped mountains.
In winter, there can be a ride on a dog sled, summer- rafting or mountain climbing. In the nearby town of Mont Tremblant and St. Jovite, you can taste national dishes.

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