Cow manure

In general, the Vedas say that any excrement profane consciousness. An exception is the cow dung, which, according to the Vedas, by contrast, has a cleansing (subtle body) effects. Moreover, cow manure - it is the best cleanser (after ghee and milk). For this reason, all the Vedic temples every day not wash powder, and with cow dung. When wash your floor with cow dung, how you think, what smells in the apartment? Not guessed, it smells easily freshness and purity.

If you entered the apartment in which you are to someone lived.

In such apartments usually costs an unpleasant smell, nightmares and generally very uncomfortable feeling. What do you do? Wash floors, sprinkle deodorant, throw out old things, to start talking? Will not help. Smell, as he was, and remains, because it is not associated with physical dirt, but with psychic. It turns out the subtle essence of living in the apartments also have their own smell. Usually rotten unpleasant smell that prevails in an apartment connected with the spirits who live in older homes and apartments. Spirits even dichlorvos not brought forth, because they have a subtle nature, and dichlorvos rough.
There are 2 ways to correct the situation: it is to leave the apartment or wash it with cow dung. I think that wash it with manure is much more practical. The same effect occurs with old clothes that no longer unpleasant smell after washing with manure (and completely cleared of all mental dirt). However, if you would use for washing detergent, the bad smell remains.

Cow dung - is one of the best means to cleanse the area from bad influences.

In the ancient Vedic culture it is actively used as a means for washing temples, for lining the floor in places where trained for smearing the walls in homes, dishwashing, to treat as fuel for cooking Ayurvedic medicines, etc. < br /> Even now, in our atomic age in the villages around the world simple villagers daubed walls and floor with cow dung. As a result, in their homes permanently reigns joy, good performance. Try at least once, clean the floor with cow dung, and you will see the result. To do this, take a pinch of fresh or dried cow dung and dissolve it in a bucket of water. Then you can begin to clean the room.
As for washing dishes, it is usually even clean utensils remains small lukewarm, unpleasant odor. This suggests that despite the absence of a plate of food, the food energy remains thin. She removed prolonged washing dishes or single greasing it with cow dung. As a result, the smell will not.
If you have nightmares, it perestirayte all linen water with cow dung and, most likely, this problem is solved. If the nightmares continue to dream and after cleaning the bed, so before going to bed you need to be cleansed from the contamination present in the gross or subtle body. This purification is possible if properly observe the regime of the day, prayers, listen to spiritual music, communicate with the saints, read the scriptures.
Cow dung cleans the subtle body of the mind from the influence of spirits, and this contributes to peace, optimism and mental performance. Therefore, in the Vedic schools (Gurukula) is usually the entire floor is coated with cow dung. I attended one such school during the learning process, I really liked the atmosphere of freshness, lightness and concentration. Cow dung in the creation of such an atmosphere is not the last.
Dried cow dung in fire creates a very useful kind of flame. Ayurveda believes that the value of the flame cow dung is in second place after the ghee. Therefore, all Ayurvedic medicines are prepared in cow manure. Without taking into account this fact it is impossible to prepare medicines of the same remarkable power of action, which was the ancient Ayurvedic physicians.


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