Life after the tsunami

Life - the pain! Humorous phrase is no joke for those who survived the tsunami of 2011 in Japan. It was organized under the slogan of his photo project Argentinian Alexander Chaskilberg photographing the ruins of the deceased fishing town along the coast of Sanriku Ottsuchi.

Wave height of 18, 5 meters destroyed more than 60% of the buildings of the city. In 2012, the photographer visited the ruins, piles of garbage, separate living corners where people are trying to inhabit. His series is called "Future Ottsuchi memory" and displays it in the photos modified sketches of buildings and structures as they once were.

All photos specially lined in black and white innings to debris on the background of the dead were still more visibly delineated islands of luxury living.

Photographer says:

This is a reflection of tragedy and loss, I do restore the past with the help of bright colors. I built a new life, and the surviving people can see it in my photos.


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