High-speed train Sapsan

Yesterday has passed on "Sapsan" 1,300 km - from Moscow to St. Petersburg and back.
What can I say - to get one of the shortest, but also one of the most enjoyable trips of the year!
Train Siemens Velaro RUS, specially designed for use in Russia and we have called "Peregrine Falcons»
went to the first commercial flight in the evening December 17, 2009. Adopted a program of
high-speed rail - the second attempt MPS / Railways open more frequently than once a day
daily motion of high-speed trains between the two capitals - previous ended at the end of the 1990s
failure on technical and economic reasons.
The train makes a very good impression. Inside clean and tidy, and the course is very flat,
aided design as a suspension and strengthened standards of track.
Cruising speed at the site Khimki-Slav - 200 km / h, within the precincts of St. Petersburg and Moscow - 140 km / h,
the stations Tver and Bologoe - 120 km / h, according to Malaya Vishera, wedges and more bridges across rivers - 140 km / h.
Between Bologoe and Malaya Vishera on individual hauls permitted speed of 250 km / h,
which really can be achieved while driving.
As part of the seven cars 2 class 2 class 1 car (in fact differ only by the presence of leather chairs and outlets),
and wagon bar. Morning and evening flights to overcome 646 km in 3 hours and 45 minutes -
at least 10-minute reserve in case of delays. Day is on its way 4:15
and has a stop in Tver, Vishny Volochyok, Bologoye and Okulovka.
Total purchased 8 compounds, four of which serves (two on the run, one on maintenance and one in reserve).
The rest are for the opening of new routes in the first place - in Nizhny Novgorod.
The possibility of ordering a few more trains.

Landing at the Leningrad station. 06:30 am.

2 Class wagon.

Chair more comfortable (and wider!) Aircraft.

Table quite aircraft type.

Early in the morning most of the passengers still dormant. TVs do not interfere with - the sound comes into the headphone jack, which is present in every chair. A one-time set of headphones is issued free of charge to each passenger.

Business class cars on Saturday almost empty.

The few guides offer their passengers a hot breakfast (from the truck with the inscription "Aeroflot»).

In the car more crowded bar. It consists of two parts - the bar and lounge with armchairs and tables between them.

Conductors at the counter not to be envied - there are very closely, and many passengers. It can be seen that the technology works the bar has not thought through.

Composition is connected tight junctions between the cars. Automatic glass doors open and the heat sensor signal.

Emergency brake "French model».

Out the door almost blows despite the speed of 200 km / h and -25oC outside.

They do not close the handle, and a sly automation.


Corridor in the bar.

There is also a coupe of the train. It radio and video surveillance system.

And with the latest server rack system that is still in the testing stage - support system of electronic registration. As you know, in January it will be possible to pass electronic registration (if that does not need to stand in line at the cash register or to the machine for a ticket) for fast trains year-round. But unfortunately only the first station of their origin, even if the train goes from Moscow to Vladivostok. To solve this problem, and has been designed this complex consisting of a server and a set of mobile terminals, distributed conductors. At major stations server wirelessly communicates with the system "Express" and receives data of the passenger. When planting it is enough to show his passport conductor who will verify its data through the terminal, sosedinenny also wirelessly with the server train. No queues and paper tickets! In the event of failure or loss of terminals provided and a regular printer to print a list of passengers.

In the meantime, we arrived in St. Petersburg.

After admiring the high-speed pantograph, go shoot a train from different angles.

On the platform are constantly coming passengers other trains - Look at this miracle.

But before this time we only came to St. Petersburg by train, released from Moscow at 01:20 the night ...

But after two and a half hours back. This flight bydet perform a different composition.

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