Living stack of logs

There are no conditions on Earth, there are no such places on the planet where no man could live.
Variety of human dwellings simply admire. This panel high-rise buildings in any of the post-Soviet cities,
and inhabited caves in Missouri, and luxurious mansions in Beverly Hills, and even an ice igloo in northern Canada.
And now came home in a pile of logs.

If you suddenly while walking through the woods, find a pile of logs with windows, no need to pinch yourself or frightened baptized. Perhaps you have come across a mobile house musician Hans Liberga (Hans Liberg). That he is the only one in the world, the owner of such unusual structures.

This mobile home in the form of a stack of logs created by other Hans Liberga - architect Piet Hein Eykom (Piet Hein Eek). Of course, the wood in this facility only the outer part of it. The frame is made of metal and plastic. Therefore, this house is stable and durable.

Inside this house fit only one room. There is a sofa-bed, several closets, desk Hans Liberga and a few chairs.

Of course, constantly live in this building possible. But here is to use it as a stand-alone desktop office or country house is quite possible. Especially because this house has wheels and can be easily transported from place to place.

But its main advantage - appearance - is both a disadvantage. After all, this house is really easy to confuse, especially in the dark, with a pile of logs. And because it can try to disassemble for firewood or to use as a replacement for wood in certain physiological needs.


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