Football in the blind

This is a football tournament in which blind people play. They see nothing but hear very well.
Therefore, do not play the usual ball, and the "rattle" - a ball built sound system with balls and players determine its location by the sound.
The ball is heavy and almost no bounce. Previously, these balls made only in Brazil and pricey. Now they have established production in Russia.
And not just anywhere, but in the "Vladimir Central" (FPS №2 Vladimir region). The match is carried out in two periods of 25 minutes, with substitutions during the game.
Team on the field five people: four players and a goalkeeper. Form ordinary, except for one detail - blindfold.
In fact, there is not only a bandage - before the game starts all eyes glued special stickers to all players with different
degrees of blindness put on an equal footing. The dressing also protects against injuries during the game.


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