Chips grabber or chips-hvatalka

Japanese as always on otlichnenko invented absolutely insane and necessary thing - chips grabber.
All familiar with the situation when all the fingers in the oil from the chips, and then the entire keyboard,
If the absorption of the product took place in front of computer?
Potechi (as well as it's called) -is a brilliant invention Takara Tomy.
Innovative technologies such as NBCS (No Broken Clutch System), NTTS (No Touch Table System) and
FECS (Finger Easy Cleaning System) make it possible to accurately take chipsinu without breaking it.
Just need to press a button and Potechi does everything for you. Costs 7 bucks. It seems that the crisis has knocked out the brains of the world. And you say we just nanotehnolgoii, but no ...


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