In Greece, in the hands of a gypsy child found

Attention! Urgent! Those who lost a child !!! Look closely at the photos! Our tourist is in Greek town of Nafplio in the old town. A gypsy in her arms, she saw the child sleeping Slavic appearance, age 3 years ±. Sleeping in such cases, unfortunately, the unnatural (or a child under the drug morphine, in our country there is vodka), so that the child did not cry, not naughty, I have not asked. All managed to tourists, it is to photograph a baby for money. The owner of the shop front of something quickly said the gypsy and half an hour later it was gone. I wrote a letter to "wait for me." Perhaps a child who is looking for! Police useless cause maximum kicked her eyes begging to tourists. Gypsy old, 60 years old and thick, it knows everything, she ran looking for haunts of vice, but could not find, but rather goes back to Russia. Please help me Maybe someone knows your baby !!!


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