How do branded livery aircraft.

Who saw how beautiful the new aircraft? This process is time consuming and the volume! First aircraft paint in primary colors, from pure white UTair it. On the new plane has been spent around 100 kg of paint, the area painted surface was 550 square meters!
After the paint has dried completely aircraft ready to take the most challenging part of the painting, Application of logos aviakompanii.S full compliance with colors and corporate style, because that person Airlines plane!

With the film working camouflage those zones which do not need to paint or other color dye need, it may be a company logo, name, distinctive symbols, and further piece of work already conducted by staining these elements. By the way, these works take most of the time the whole process of painting.

1. After applying the protective film on the surface of the painted surface is cleaned, degreased

2. Carefully using a special tool with German precision without conceding a millimeter

3. After preparation is over how to start painting from top to bottom.
The paint is sprayed from special electric pistols that allow her to apply uniformly to the entire surface

4. Malaria wearing special anti-static lint-free suits

5. The upper part is painted, painting continues below


7.Sloy paint is very thin, a few microns


9. And a great logo UTair painted

But there are logos near the cockpit

The technology is the same color

It turns all blue

But after the paint is dry protective film is removed

And before the eyes appear a beautiful white liner Airbus A321 with a recognizable worldwide logo UTair! And very soon someone will be passenger aircraft of this great airline!

Photos from the process of applying the logo on the side novёhonkogo A-321 UTair courtesy pressluzhboy UTair, Elena Galanova.

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