15 reasons to have a cat

Communication with the cat - an excellent therapy
Studies show that cat owners help to cope with difficult situations, even such as the loss of a loved one. Communication with cats can overcome difficulties more quickly and even get rid of some of the symptoms of physical pain. Sometimes it is useful to talk even before being who will not judge you, to survive the grief felt better.

Cats reduce the risk of heart attack
A ten-year study by the University of Minnesota found that lowering the level of stress that occurs in cat owners, leading to a decrease in the probability of a heart attack by 40%.

Cats - ideal companions
Argued that derived from seals are not as good companions as of the dogs, but it is not. Swiss scientists have shown that the feeling of the presence of cats in the house comparable to a romantic relationship: pets are always willing to initiate contact and remember the kindness of returning in the future.

The cat may be the best friend of the child
In one survey involved children living with cats, and 81% of them said that they would prefer to share their experiences with the students, not parents or friends. 87% of children thought their cats "closest friends."

Children who live with cats, rarely miss school
The children in the house who have cats, on average, passed on 9 training days per year less than the rest. For example, these children are less prone to ear infections. This is due to the fact that the owners of immunity fluffy purring usually much higher.

Cats reduce cholesterol
Canadian scientists are sure that you have a cat can reduce the rate of a chemical compound called triglycerides, affecting the excess cholesterol in the body. But seals would not have to be an excuse to unhealthy eating habits and lack of sports in your life.

Cats relieve depression
Unconditional love the cat to its owner led the researchers to believe that these pets can help the owner to survive even severe depression. Knowing that someone loves you, even if a cat does the struggle against difficulties much better.

Cats help children with autism
Research at the University of Queensland found that children with autism in contact with cats, is much more likely to say, look at the person and smile than those who do not have such contact.

Want to be happy? Stroke the cat
When you pet your pet, the body increases levels of oxytocin. Oxytocin is known as the "love hormone" because "activated" by touching and brings a sense of happiness.

Purring has a therapeutic effect
Cats purring in the range 20-140 Hz, that has a positive effect on the treatment of certain diseases. Purring reduces stress, reduces shortness of breath, a positive effect on the healing of bone and soft tissue, and reduces blood pressure.

Cats reduce stress
Researchers from the University of Missouri found that having cats skuschestvenno reduces stress. The experiment involved 240 couples who got the job, putting them in a stressful situation. Those participants with whom during the experiment were their cats, is much easier to tolerate this voltage.

Cats increase male attractiveness
Gentlemen, crank seal.
Scientists have shown that 90% of single women find more attractive those men who love cats.


Cats prevent asthma and allergies in children
Children who live with cats from an early age, develop immunity to asthma. It is connected with the development of specific antibodies that prevent development of the disease.


Owners of cats are prone to empathy
Children who grow up with cats are usually more sensitive to what others think and feel. The ability to feel compassion from an early age helps them build better relationships with others, and more carefully treat their own actions.


Cats help with Alzheimer
hen house people suffering from this disease have a cat, they are much less prone to anxiety symptoms. Cats are good pets for those people also because they are easier to care for than other pets.


Source: murkit.com


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