As I grew roots balcony

And so, having moved with his wife to his apartment, I realized that it is necessary to use odnushke space to the maximum, because to sit at the computer, I love staying up late, and to smoke during work also love that my wife for obvious reasons interfere.
As a result, it was decided that it is necessary to me to arrange your workspace in the hotel room, but as I repeat, we odnushka, the only free space - a balcony, or as it is properly called - loggia.

The balcony was insulated and lined with plasterboard, and the floor is made warm (glazing did the builder during construction). These works are done by specially trained people, but I did electrician about what you want to tell.
Photographed on Soviet pliers, and not from the beginning, for which I apologize.
21 photos, with comments

And so, the first thing hung cable channels and lighting.



Well, as well as blinds, because the bright sun was unpleasant work.

Cable channel to the residence of the server.

And otvodochka to future jobs

7. Getting mount sockets. The beauty of these cable channels that right they can be mounted sockets.
Laid socket

8. Connect

9. Install

10. Getting connected lamp

11. lengthen the wire that can reach to input.

12. Connect.

13. insulated and checked rabotet!

14. Close the cable channels, cutting the lid as it should


16. Making the outlet for the router, so he hung from the ceiling, at the same time threw a network cable.

17. Closed lid

18. Here I did and forgot details Fock made shorter and more power outlet for the server and a power outlet, and closed the lid.

19. Picture already lived workplace:

20. Servers in place

21. And the router.

I have all, thank you all for watching.


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