Again juvenile cattle driving, Krasnodar

From eyewitnesses. Sunday evening I sit at home watching telly. I hear the sound of impact, look out the window and see how the Cadillac drove into a tree.
Then he handed back a little and starts to ram my swallow parked under the window runs out on the street, I see how this fucking Cadillac is trying to park in the bushes.
Runs up to him. From the passenger seat runs one minor freak and unwound on all cylinders. From the driver's seat falls to snipe drunken body.
Does not try to run away, as barely standing on his feet. The guy for 16 years. Immediately begins to bend your fingers and say that now my mother would come and judge with all sort out.
It turns out my car was the last on the way a drunk bastard infant. The first victim of the Honda Accord. Then another Honda. Hyundai Accent then.
Got a little Skoda Octavia. My last Niva. Called patrol PPP Man rescued from mordobitiya.
Further events developed as follows: Mom rushed judge, father and friend of the family. Dad all other steel cuss and seek offenders son.
We must pay tribute to the police, they quickly calmed a wealthy man. Mother judge immediately began to instruct his son about the future behavior.
After all schemes amounted to an accident, went to the old traffic police post in the area of ​​vitamin plant where they spent half the night.
Bottom line: "The decision on refusal to initiate an administrative case».
That such things. Mother utogo freak said: cook inquiries about the damage caused.
If the amount we will pay will suit us. If not, all the courts.


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