9 ways to search for information on GOOGLE, which does not know 96% of users

1. How to find the exact phrase or word form
Through operator "." Enclose a phrase or a word in quotes, and Google will search the web page where there is exactly this phrase (word form).
["I am writing to you»]

2. How to find a quote in which omitted the word
Forgot the word in a quote? Take the whole quote in quotation marks, and instead of the missing word with an asterisk *. Quote exists with forgotten words.
["Night Street pharmacy *»]

3. How to find any of several words
Simply list all that apply through a vertical slash: |. Google will search for documents with any of these words.
[Pineapples | hazel | champagne]
[Plots (Rublevskoe | Kiev | Minsk) highway]

4. How to find words within a single sentence
Use the operator with the beautiful name "ampersand" - &. If you connect the word ampersand, Google will find documents where these words are in the same sentence.
[Pushkin monument & Pskov]

5. How do I find a document containing a certain word
Put the front of the desired word plus, not separating it from the word space. At the request can include multiple binding words.
[Monument Boulevard Sholokhov +]

6. To exclude a word from your search
Put a minus sign before a word that you do not want to see the answers. So you can eliminate even a few words:
[Mummy Troll cartoon -rok -lagutenko]
[Scheme knitting only to buy]

7. How do I search for a specific site
For this fit the operator site. It allows you to directly specify a query site on which to search. Just be sure to put a colon after the site.
[Constitution of the RF site: consultant (dot) ru]
[Mayakovsky window site: lib (dot) ru]

8. How to search for documents of a certain type
You need an operator mime. Put in a request mime, a colon and then the type of document you want. For example, pdf or doc.
[Application for a passport mime: pdf]

9. How to search sites in a particular language
With the help of the operator lang. After lang need to put a colon and write the language in which you need documents. If this is the Russian language, you need to specify ru, if Ukrainian - uk. The Belarusian language is referred to as be, English - en, French - fr.
[Void glClearColor lang: ru]


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