The ferry tour of the Baltic Sea

Dear odnoforumchane, decided to share his impressions of a mini-cruise on the Baltic Sea along the route St. Petersburg - Helsinki-Stockholm-Tallinn-St Petersburg ferry "Princess Anastasia" in May this year. The company I and my father :) dreamed somewhere to go on a cruise for a long time, and now, at the end of last year, the decision was made - as a gift to buduyuschim birthdays :)

Were accumulated some money, to order - the choice fell on the cabin class De lux, taking into account the early booking discount and any amount all at a cost of about 600 euros. Came the month of May - and here, our cabin №5127

The cabin air conditioning, though he gave a stable temperature of 24 C, I only intensity "supercharge". There was also a mini-bar, television with a dozen channels, of which 2 - interrnal (one wound coordinates with GPS - shows which is currently in steam for 2 -map nose from the ferry to the bridge)

Naturally, in the cabin there is a toilet and toilet type combined with a shower, and it looks better than the individual and not the cheapest hotels ...

In the cabin, 2 windows and leave them both in the bow of the ship. Right in the window, for example, you can watch the building of the Maritime Station St. Petersburg

While the ferry "settled" had the opportunity to go poizuchat where is the exit in case the capacity of the way of the ferry almost 2,500 + 200-300 cars. It is here 10 deck

And this we can say 11, at the same height from the bridge

The means of salvation on such vessels are many, and any different. I have the greatest interest here are called rescue barkasy- their capacity of 144 people each. I do not know, however, how such a crowd there can be accommodated - the person that they are different. I, for example, 11 hundredweight way deck - on par with the building. You can imagine the height :) It really is impressive

View from the starboard deck 11

Well, waste. Very impressive maneuverability ferry - without tugs, only thrusters and all. Ferry ravorachivaetsya virtually on the spot within minutes

The building of the Maritime okzala St. Petersburg. Have not seen it yet never on this side. To the left of the station building - Playground Fairgrounds, where the economic forum

Come marine channels. The present level of automation allows for such vessels hoditsya bridge the minimum number of crew - never seen it more than 5-6 people

View of the Sea Canal - it is quite narrow, when following him in some places steam should be no more than 10 feet away from structures and Raene prichalov.Dazhe somehow uncomfortable

Entrance to the Sea Canal from the Gulf of Finland.

Just got out of the channel - ran a small flurry. Ferry significantly somehow tipped to one side, which climbed to mind immediately any bad ideas good that even his wife did not take

Well, in the continuation of


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