Gamers are more educated and sociable than those who laugh at them


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Almost every gamer has ever faced prejudice that gamers - is entrenched in the attic of his parents' house lonely losers. In inflames debate on this subject referred to the growth market of social games and mobile applications, потраченные for computer games in 2013 in the US alone 13, $ 5 billion and so on, but the evidence as always lacked.

Until today.

Of course, blind brute facts about computer games will not change long-held beliefs of those who play them. However, the results of the survey commissioned by the website and conducted by well-known on the web sociologist Neil Howe (he coined the term« Millenial »(« Generation Millennium "," Generation Y »), paint a picture of a completely new gaming community. In the study, gamers even more sociable, successful and educated than the population, have no interest in video games.

The report on the study was published Tuesday by consulting agency LifeCourse Associates. More than 1 000 people answered questions about themselves and their gaming preferences and habits that allowed to collect sufficient research base. In the study, "gamer" is a person who plays games on digital devices at least once in the last 60 days. Under this definition were about 63% of the respondents.

In Twitch, it was decided to conduct a sociological study because of the popular audience videostrimingovo site - up to 45 million unique visitors per month - does not correspond to stereotype gamer.

"It is believed that the gaming community consists mainly of misfits and asocial individuals & lt; ... & gt; and nothing could be further from the truth - said Matt DiPietro, vice president of marketing for Twitch - We do not know what will study, but we knew that we think that it will, and it showed exactly what we knew. » (sic) i>

Judging by kindly provided to us copies of the report, gamers more likely to live with loved ones - with family, friends, loved ones - and more likely to agree with the statement: "For me the most important thing in the life of friends." With this agreement, 57% of gamers and only 35% do not -geymerov.

The study also found that gamers are distributed by gender is much more evenly than previously thought. 52% of those surveyed gamers call a man, the other 48%, respectively, in women. For comparison, the results of research conducted by Entertainment Software Association in 2004, gamers, girls accounted for only 40% of the community.

Gamers are also slightly more likely to have a regular source of income - 42% versus 39% of non-gamers, and this is understandable: after all, computer games - not the cheapest hobby.

The study, among other things touched the daily lives of gamers: it turned out that they are a lot more time to spend with a variety of gadgets and multimedia. It should be noted that most of them do not use TV and prefer to watch videos through services like Netflix or Hulu - and this is a serious problem for marketers.

"Gamers - a very valuable target audience - agrees DiPietro - but to them it is very difficult to reach through traditional sales channels.»

Twitch was able to find one of these methods to reach, and in this lies a large part of the popularity strimingovyh site. Today, the service has about a million streams per month. According to the company Sandvine, stream make up 1 35% of peak network traffic US , leaving behind giants such as HBO Go. Edition Wall Street Journal , based on information from Company DeepField, puts the fourth step of the podium network - just behind Apple, Google and Netflix.

This success не could not attract the attention of sharks market. Last month, there was a rumor that Google is looking to acquire strimingovyh service for $ 1 billion. DiPerto declined to comment on the matter.

Source: Washington Post

UPD: own reports from the site PDF, Eng.



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