A healthy mind in a healthy body: the popular diet of famous beauties (part 1)

The annual Cannes film festival came to a close, the images of celebrities again struck by its beauty and excited the imagination of the male half of the world's population. Most looked dazzling beauties: elegant, expensive, well-groomed. Today let's talk about the secrets of stellar keeping the body in shape before significant access to the red carpet.

Beyonce, 22 days on plant foods

Popular singer Beyonce has stunned fans by stating that in December last year she completely refused meat ... by as much as 22 days. Exactly as many days lasted her fitness program developed by Marco Borges. Despite the fact that it was only a temporary step, the performer continues to eat properly, mainly food of plant origin, including occasionally in your daily diet meat.

Angelina Jolie, legume-grass diet

As the mother of six children manage to look so tempting? The secret of its diet based on the consumption of various legumes and cereals. Her diet is dominated by seeds, nuts, buckwheat, millet and bars based on cereals as a useful nutritional snack. These components provide Angie luxurious shiny hair and radiant healthy skin.

Iman, the power system «Sakara»

The basis of this diet is a local organic vegetarian food completely excludes gluten. Kits are delivered directly to your home. You can choose the best option for your body - detox kit one day or more full-size 5, 20 or 90 days. Whitney Tingle with Daniel Dubois founded their own unique delivery service healthy eating 3 years ago under the slogan "a balanced lifestyle is primarily a proper diet." According to Iman, Whitney and Daniel a great team that shares his sincere love for food and their main task is to teach women all over the world feel comfortable in your own body. The cost of Sakara Organic Meal starts at $ 99.

Victoria Beckham, alkaline diet

Back in January, the designer Victoria Beckham in his profile published a photo book called Eating the Alkaline Way and signed the post "I love this book!". The basis of this diet is to maintain a stable level Ph of the body that Victoria is in the range from 7.35 to 7.45. The basis of the daily diet is dominated by vegetables and fruits, while dairy products, pasta, meat, fish and virtually absent. Also peppercorn Beckham followers of this diet believe Jennifer Aniston, Kirsten Dunst and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Katy Perry, mushroom diet

The secret seductive curves Katy Perry - mushrooms. Within two weeks of the diet pop singer dominated by dishes based exclusively mushrooms. According to the most Cathy, just 14 days, and the extra weight will begin to melt before our eyes. This diet is especially good for those who are struggling with the extra centimeters in problem areas - thighs and waist. The main advantage of the mushroom diet that owners of magnificent bust does not threaten the loss of form.


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