The most sadistic wrap a gift for a girl

Step one
It is necessary to choose a gift, the guy decided to choose such a pendant

Then he placed the pendant in a wooden box

And a postcard to the same

Everything is carefully closed

And wrapped in a gift box

Step Two
He put the box packaged in aluminum cans

Then, to not loose inside the box, giving out that inside is a small box, the guy decided to fix her teddy cat

Cat naturally radioactive;)

Now the course is a chain and padlock "Houdini┬╗

Now it is very difficult to open without a key, and for girls not impossible

It would be too simple to attach the key to the present. The key with remote control from Volkswagen, since his girlfriend's car of this brand. While it is to solve the puzzle yourself time to come up with something;)

Key in the maze, and the lock on a laminated gift of

It's time to pack it all in one big gift. Done, now she is waiting for a real test in the style of "Fort Boyard┬╗



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