Legal lucrative business on the periphery? Come on! & Quot; - Many will exclaim. In a country where made permanent complain of lack of funds and limited opportunities, the organization of the business more and more people seem dubious adventure. Simply go somewhere to work, or to work illegally than to bend under the weight of taxes and audits. And at the very moment when such a position seems to be the most adequate, meets a man who breaks down the whole pyramid beliefs. And you stand and wonder: how so ?!

With Alexander land, the owner of a small service station in Radoshkovichi (settlement in the Minsk region), we met on the passage nedavnoavtoboyah survival. Then they spoke with her son Nikita on "eight" with the words "Zaviruha" a homemade bumper. Word for word and I realized that I need to meet again so interesting was this family duo. Audiences had to pursue two weeks - a lot of work, explains Alexander. Having finally "access to the body," we tried to find out what fate has brought them in avtoboi and why some Mercedes prevented us from Chelyabinsk to meet all the time.

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It is better to lose money than reputation

STO is on the outskirts of Alexander Radoshkovichi. We had a little whirl to find it, but to this place "popular trail" to overgrown.

The fact that Alexander specializes in the repair of Mercedes and, if you believe the reviews, makes it a very, very bad. So go to him and people from all over Belarus, even in Russia. The moment we arrived, the Sprinter was from Chelyabinsk. His owner was not there, and I wanted to ask: Is advantageous to drive the car here from the most severe in the world city?

 - This is not the first Mercedes, which he fetches us, - says Alexander. - And it comes to repairs. This time came to matters of suspension, and in the process emerged with engine problems. Motor we have done a couple of days he painted and go.

 - A lot of work?

 - Enough. We do not complain. Usually, all painted in the two weeks ahead. People, of course, to ask, try to leave the car with the words "I do not hurry, albeit necessary, can somehow take in between times." I try to do everything quickly, because I understand that is - to stay without a car, especially if it beads. In addition to Mercedes vans we repair: engines, boxes and suspension.

 - Why only that?

 - Well, first of all, I understand this, and secondly, it is better to do one thing, do it well, than to grasp at everything and just to do like what many are doing. Read a book not to the end, buy a set of keys for $ 50 - and they are already experts.

My motto is - it is better to lose money than reputation. If there happens to any "school" our fault, and it is extremely rare, we always fix at their own expense. So I never never give advertising, as you can see, even on my SRT signs there. Friends once presented a road sign with my name - he is the benchmark. I am here and so everybody knows.

 - Why SRT as its business? And why Mercedes?

 - Why STO? Probably still a child started when I was repairing bicycles across the street. Then we went to mopeds, motorcycles - also repaired all, his was. In 1992, I returned from the army, friends organized a small service, came to him. Then he went to Poland and studied there for a year in one master-minder. When he came back, we were trying to do business together, but something did not happen, all gone. Then I just built a house with a garage. Then he began to build the garage (SRT. - Comm. Aut.), And now the project is doing, they shall build the house is a large garage for the trucks. Officially, his job, I issued in 2008. I then have been its customers.

Why Mercedes? Himself a lifetime ride on cars of this brand, I know it. When studied in Poland, this is done on mersedesovskih engines. Then, in 2000, I went to training in Germany, where he worked at the station, made Mercedes and BMW. I came here, I decided to stay only Mercedes, although beads we do, in principle, all brands.

When the example is contagious

By "we", Alexander is referring to herself and her 16-year-old son Nikita - the man who was the navigator of the crew on avtoboyah. They work exclusively together. We tried to hire workers, but they do not stay long.

Everyone wants a lot of money while doing nothing, - says Alexander. - What salary Radoshkovichi? I think that 6-7 million - a normal money. However, I have created all conditions: tools, equipment, work clothes - would not have to pay. I broke the key - I'm never with someone does not calculate, he went and bought a new one. But something is not satisfied. They see how much I take for repairs, but do not think that most of this amount I spend on parts. My clients simply fetches the car - then I do everything myself, including buying spare parts. Firstly, I myself so convenient - I have my own suppliers that make me a discount; Secondly, I know that I buy quality, I was not fooled by issuing "China" for "Germany". It's part of the philosophy of my work - then I can vouch for the quality.

I had one of the local worker, when the dollar was still 3 thousand rubles, he earned my 1, 8 million. Then he came, saying in Minsk offered three million. Gone. After some time I meet him, well, what? Take me back. Like, when you have worked, I also lay out, and now not even enough: go, eat, etc. Immediately he was there, he lived on the next street, go home for lunch. It turns out, though big money received, but costs increased.

Another problem is that people drink. Boys age of 25 are already in the morning "screwy." Somehow I had to immediately unload the car, went to where our local young people hanging out, say, an hour of work, will pay all. No, they say, you're better than us just let the ruble - and that's enough. So tight we have with good employees.

 - Nikita, too, does not work for food?

 - He has his own fiefdom - tire. This is his bread. Sometimes, if it is at school, I get behind the machine. Customers came, saying, you would also tire here ... I bought the equipment, I put it Nikita. It will work remains with him. I laugh: a tax ?!

 - What is the motivation?

 - I have it so, they are not interested with their peers. They bury in their phones ... Here he is used to communicate with older people engaged in business. Actually he was 6 years old with me everywhere. Once I brought him from Germany moped. The first time I repaired it, he looked at it. Then once I went to Minsk, he calls me "Dad, does not go moped! Perhaps something with a carburetor, you should look at. " I replied that I would come - we'll see. Come, and he has worn. Himself dismantled all made - and off they'd go. From childhood he asked: Dad, let me with you. I said, you're still a little. And how grown up, I started to help remove the wheels and so on trifles. Now in charge of "section tire" and helps me with motors, basically does the same as me.

As it turned out, baby moped craze eventually grew into a full adult passion for motorsports. Nikita 4 years is seriously engaged in motocross at that and spends the money earned. Recently, my father promised his son for at least fifth place in the competition next new KTM, Nikita finished third and now "dissecting" the new "krossache."

 - We're close to the track currently done, - says Alexander. - In the 90's there to build something like, then abandoned. I asked the village council, whose land there. - Draw. - What if I'm there to make a small mototrassu? - Do. I have my own equipment there, was such a good-quality line - a small but working: trampoline-turn, straight sections and no. There Nikita trains, sometimes the other guys come. I wanted to legalize this business, but I realized that it's all too complicated.

 - You have a full yard equipment tow the machine with a manipulator, bobcat ...

 - I love it when all his own. We've got a bad winter roads clean, so I'll pass, that at least the children to school could normally get. "Crane" I had 16 years, a very handy thing when you need to remove the motor.

Children and parents

Please show the bike to take pictures, but the customer comes to the tire, Nikita picks up a tool.

"Excursion" spends father, at the same time showing requiring repair ATV.

 - Nikita - an only child?

 - Another daughter is. But she was a girl in our affairs is not climbing. Sews dresses himself.

 - The wife does not complain that you have hands constantly dirty?

 - Complains (laughs). And when we said that we will also in the battle for survival to participate, cursing. And then about two weeks asks: are you doing it or not, when the machine will finish ?!

Next to the house in which the family lives of Alexander, is another

 - This is the home of Nikita, - says the father.

 - ???

 - Built a son. We need somehow to help children. My wife says, you guys want to give everything you own was not. I believe that this is not the worst quality.

About the drivers, the drivers and their own benefit

Change of steering Alexander is not worried - still, a son is growing up! But our hero is convinced that without work will not stay. And not only because doing his job conscientiously.

 - It used to be the drivers, and now - the drivers. We have served the company. "Capital" we kind of motor. A year later, call: the engine started to "eat" oil. Faileth, and there is not enough that the filter is placed upside down, so still and the body is damaged, draws the air. Iveco And it costs about the wheel - all the dirt there. I looked up, say our fault there. I called the mechanic: Who put you filter? Yes overlooked. Companies in the ground and "fall" on just such details. A young and did: Engine knock, and he rode, rode until he "fist friendship" is not shown. The driver did not even hear because the music he played.

 - What do you have on prices?

 - It is said that a little less than in Minsk. But I never compared the prices, because there is always proceeded from their costs.

 - To be honest, how much it all cost "their business»?

 - Honestly? I do not know. I never counted.

 - Then how many earn in a month?

 - Also not considered. Money is always "cool." I will say this: we have enough. We only have one day off - Sunday, and he tried to hold active. I often say, they say you do not ride on the sea, not a rest ... Well, why not rest ?! And we go to the sea, when the competition we carry Nikita, near Riga. The sea, however, the Baltic, but we like, and in general his wife a few days later starts to ask home - bored lounging.

Breaking stereotypes

They say that the result - the criterion of truth. In the case of the family tandem Land result, as they say, is obvious. Very positive and nice people, and it is not surprising that they all work. Not even the people and the solid breaking stereotypes in the world where everyone is trying to go into management and marketing, where the main thing - to sell or "vtyuhat" are people with their craft, who have relied on the quality and thereby earned a name for itself and ensure a constant income. And it can not but rejoice!

The observant reader will ask: what avtoboi? Why do all of them syllable? And because the material on this family passion of Radoshkovichi is a continuation of the theme. What happened to the same "eight", where it all came from, and that will show Alexander and Nikita Land next "Zaviruhe", you will learn very soon.

that's all, thank you for your attention


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