Introduction to the architecture / Introduction of.

Country: South Korea
Genre: Romance, melodrama
Director: Lee Yong Zhu
* Ohm Tae-Un as the Son Minh
* Ying Han Ga-young as
* Lee Jae Hoon as the Son of Mine (student)
* Heather as-young (students)
* Cho Jeong juice as we Duc And
* Yu Yong Sok as Jae wook

Description: Office 35-year-old son of the architect Mina comes once a woman. So-young. She - his first love, with whom they met in the classroom for architecture and not seen for 15 years. So-young wants Min Son has built a house on the island of Jeju, where it once grew. Son Min agrees and starts to build a house, building with the memories of past feelings that they, being young and naive, could miss.


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