The most anticipated movies of the 67th Cannes Film Festival

Launched yesterday, the 67th Cannes Film Festival promises to give us 12 days dedicated to the beautiful of the arts - the art of cinema. On this occasion, I hasten to acquaint you with the most anticipated films of the festival, each in its own good.

This year it was decided to consider the work in 1800, but the show in Cannes only 50 of them. Of course, all the audience's attention will be riveted to the main competition program films that will compete for the main prize of the festival "Palme d'Or", but I also wish to draw attention to the films presented in the program "Un Certain Regard" and "Midnight show».

"Star map»
Director: David Cronenberg

Comedy and psychological drama, which employs half a dozen of Hollywood's brightest stars, promises to reveal to us all the hidden secrets and the secrets of this very Hollywood. Who of us is not curious to know what is really living The Dream Factory, when the spotlight goes out? And so in the performance of such a controversial and provocative David Cronenberg, who promises to show us the "astute and funny movie," it would be doubly exciting.

"Sils Maria»
Director: Olivier Assayas

Another movie about a movie on our list. In the center of the history of the once famous actress Juliette Binoche by that, that not wishing, suddenly back in the past. Actually, this film meets demanding requirements of Cannes on the part of the story - here and complicated history of life and the inner torment and lesbian impulses in the best European tradition. For Assayas this film is special - it is the first picture of the director in English, and the leading role in it, besides Binoche, performed by Hollywood actress - Kristen Stewart and Chloe Moretz.

Director: Andrei Zvyagintsev

The new work of the "European" Russian director. The plot of the film, the script for which was written in a period of 4 years, a closely guarded secret, known only that the basis for the story was the tale of Job, who humbly accepted all of life's trials and hardships. The story takes place in modern Russia, and the title role in the film by Aleksey Serebryakov. The picture presented in the main competition program, and this is perhaps the main achievement of the Russian cinema in recent years.

"Lost River»
Director: Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling's directorial debut in the fantasy genre with Eva Mendes in the title role. The plot is convoluted and unordinary film (though it is not uncommon for films of this genre) and tells about the journeys into secret worlds. The film represented the second largest program Cannes "Un Certain Regard" and, according to knowledgeable people, has all the chances to win. By the way, Gosling in the movie did not play, so his admirers have to settle for his directorial, scenario and the producer talents.

"Two days, one night»
Directed by: Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne

Owners of several "Palme d'Or" and a dozen less important film festival award Dardenne brothers will present to the audience a picture with more than mundane plot: to keep a job, a woman needs to persuade his colleagues to abandon bonuses. As the name implies, this heroine Marion Cotillard have only two days and one night, and at the end of the film we are probably waiting for a tragic end, a lack of isolation in general - in the best traditions of European cinema. The film is presented in the main program.

Director: Bennett Miller

Bennett Miller in Hollywood called the hope of American cinema - among his works "Capote" and "the man who changed everything", marked by numerous awards and nominations. Miller is the first time his work at Cannes, and his debut can already be considered a success - the list of movies main competition program testifies to this. The plot of "foxcatcher" is based on real events that occurred in 1996 when billionaire John DuPont shot Olympic champion Dave Schultz and within two days was negotiating with the police from his home. The film employed Steve Carell (sacrificed for the sake of appearance roles), Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo. Judging by the trailer, Carell for the first time managed to create on-screen a spectacular dramatic fashion, but due to the fact that the premiere of the film was postponed from December 2013 to 2014, the film was out of the race for the "Oscar» 2014.

Director: Bertrand Bonello

Not to be confused with the film "Yves Saint Laurent" Jalil Lespera, which premiered recently! This is another story about the great couturier, whose role this time played the handsome Gaspard Ulliel. The process of creating films was not easy - the designer's relatives were against the film adaptation, prevented the shooting of the film was applied to the director in the court. But despite all the obstacles, the picture was completed, and will fight for the top prize Film Festival in the main competition program.

Director: Tommy Lee Jones

His director's work brought to the festival and Tommy Lee Jones, who also played a major role in the film. As a partner Tommy chose a brilliant Hilary Swank, in the filmography which recently was not really facing roles. The film is developed in the US during the development of the American Zpapad. The main character goes on a journey to take three deranged women from Nebraska to Iowa and help her in this dangerous criminal case by Jones.

"Jimmy Hall»
Director: Ken Loach

Inspiring films about what to fight for their rights, aspirations and desires. Returning from New York to Ireland in the early 30s communist James Grolton intends to reopen its dance hall, he ran ten years earlier. Of course, the desire of the hero on the vine are stopped by the police and the Church, which, as it happened before, calls the dance and everything that is connected with them, "evil" and "the machinations of the Devil." According to the director Ken Loach, winner of 12 (!) Awards at the Cannes kinofestvialya is his last picture, and after it he intends to retire. It is possible that on this occasion the jury will please kinotvortsa some honorary prize.

Director: David Michaud

Another film in the program of Cannes with Pattinson. Action films developed in the near future when the world is experiencing the collapse and decay, and are operating on the streets of criminals. The plot revolves around two men, a thief and a law-abiding citizen, whose fate had. Company Pattinson on the set was a talented Guy Pearce. The film is presented in the program "Midnight show».


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