The consequences of losing excess weight Jacob Horner

At age 16 he weighed 178 kg

Jacob pulled himself together, he sat on a diet and began to engage in the gym losing weight by 108 kg

After weight loss had left a lot of excess skin from which Jacob dreams rid

She drives him into depression and makes it insecure

Pursuing bodybuilding, Jacob gain muscle mass and began to weigh 82 kg 5

The National Health Service of Great Britain denied 20-year-old Jacob in the removal of excess skin, as the weight of 82, 5 kg with his height he still falls under the category of overweight people

The National Health Service refuses to hear the case of Jacob in a special manner to remove excess skin he had been denied three times

Jacob hoped only to reset the muscle. Now he is in a very depressed state because he will have to get rid of the results of hard work, sweat and blood.
Getting rid of excess skin more desirable for Jacob than the possession of muscle mass, as with the appearance he can not think about his personal life.
"There was even a case of the night with the girl when she saw my excess skin, then laughed and ran away," - said Jacob.



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