Gratitude works wonders, or how to love your job


Sometimes a person can be brought to such a state that the only way to avoid a nervous breakdown becomes a change of activity on completely opposite. And this story is about how I was able to find peace in the madness. Although I am interested in computer since childhood, but having talent in another area, I went on the way, language, sales, VIP-service.

After receiving a diploma humanities-vtyuhivatelya VIP-services, I have not found anything else how to get into the local wholesale company regional sales manager. The company is good, but given the specificity of the goods had to deal with a lot of people consider it their duty to get nasty, rude.

Each day began with about 50-60 cold calls, then came the meeting, and then call the customers themselves dissatisfied by what state they sent the products. Claims were up to me, but in fact it was a problem of our warehouse and shipping company.

The output of the problem h5> After working for six months in the company and the accumulated savings to buy a car, I gathered enough money to realize their dream: opening of its content-project, which was supposed to give me the financial freedom and happiness.

As it happens, many, I too overestimated the growth and scaling, and struggled the whole year in order to reach the level of self-sufficiency. Then, due to the nature of the project, I ran into a profit level, and now I knew exactly what I needed for the further development and growth of income. But it was all about a significant amount of money that was needed for the development.

Passing black abyss h5> To better understand the IT-area, I got a job as a sales manager in a company 1C franchisee, where, to my chagrin, the work was even tougher and more "greedy" than in the previous company. In it, I was able to go from the usual career ladder prodazhnika to manager service, but I had to leave the moral causes of this work: / 215545 /

The income level of their project and a number of other initiatives allow me to look for work more freely, and the main criterion for me was:

• IT-region;
• Honesty towards people;
• Ability to benefit.

And after 4 months of searching I received an offer to become a specialist of technical support in one startup that, to my joy, survived the initial stage and now has turned into a solid Saas-project with tens of thousands of customers.

What to feel for such work should be h5> First I suffered greatly due to the fact that I have every day to deal with a huge number of people who have certain questions and claims. But, to my great joy, most webmasters and IT-specialists area were polite people that are understandable and accessible to explain their problems and are well aware that for every problem requires time.

And the most wonderful thing was that when a person calls you, and you help him cope with the problem, he, in turn, thank you for your help. During the two years of work for the position of Sales Specialist I never heard a word of gratitude to your address.

You really feel it necessary and useful to the person when you are grateful for the help and not sent after a cold call. And it's a wonderful feeling.

Current Status h5> Now I'm just glad my work and I find it beautiful. At the same time, I let the vector of development of their project in a direction such that people began to express their gratitude for the fact that my project is doing for them.

And you know, I've never felt so happy, that can really be proud of their work.



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