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A resident of Missouri accidentally saw a rare natural phenomenon - a fiery tornado or "fire devil.

Despite the frightening spectacle American dared to stop and take a picture of "whip" of the flame, says Federal Post. Natural phenomenon called "fire devil" was seen by the driver Jani Kopelin (Janae Copelin), which passed by a farmer's field in his car. According to a resident of the city of Chillicothe, Missouri, it was the coolest and scariest thing she had ever seen and resembled colorful image of hell.

Despite thick clouds of gray smoke and a terrible roaring sound, Jani dared to stay near the fields and take a picture of fire coming down from heaven, "the whip." What he saw a woman so impressed that she decided to share it with their friends and sent the resulting shot in Instagram.

The American said that she used the hashtag #nofilter, in order to show: image was created without the use of photo filters. According to the tabloid MailOnline, such tornadoes are formed during heat waves and strong winds. Then post the rising warm air forms a tornado-like vortex that creates pressure inside the hot air.



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