Unusual house in Seattle

The amazing story of the house, Edith Masefield, a resident of Seattle. Once - a piece of cake for developers later - the house price to $ 1 million today - a mandatory tour in a detailed examination of Seattle. What's so unusual about this house and the famous old lady? Look under the cut!

Edith Masefield (Edit Macefield) moved into this house back in 1966. Just a few years in Seattle, as well as the whole of America, was absorbed by the construction boom. All attempts to developers, buy American desire to live in this place, she successfully refuses. So much so, that in 2006, she was offered a million dollars. But persistent Edith did not give up. As a result, builders had to reshape their projects. Her house became even an object, which is required to visit during excursions to Seattle. Subsequently, her image was the basis for the animated film "Up!".


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