Funny and annoying people in the gym

1. People who do not know how things work, but actively crawling forward

Translation of the text from the image: "I do not go to the gym regularly, but if I come, then ... I have no idea what I'm doing».

2. People who are fighting or struggling with inventory

3. These are the heroes

4. Anyone who is dressed like a party

Including this guy:

5. Attractive fitness heroes who engage directly with you


6. People who have what is written on the poster:

The inscription reads: "Do not stare into the eyes of people when doing this simulator».


7. People who do not make any effort in the hall


Actually no, 0% of the effort:


8. People who come for 10 minutes



9. People who think that their life - an episode of the training "Rocky»



10. Tryukachi style "look, it will be right now»



11. The people who set the speed of the treadmill slightly above its real possibilities, and then specifying a silent panic question "HOW IT OFF ?!»


12. People belching animals moaning at each repetition of each exercise


13. People who tweet what they are doing in the gym

Caption: "zatvitit forgot that I was in the gym - training down the drain».


14. People who even during heavy exercise can not break away from their electronic devaya


15. People who admire the reflection in the mirror




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