Beach Belyaus, western Crimea

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Will be 25 photos. Please do not break, write a post from the laptop of the Mesozoic era, with the work. It is very difficult :)
Photos selected from the album not the best type, angle, and in order not to irritate the person YaPschestvennost muzzles us savages. To heighten understanding, not filmed in a glossy magazine, and just for themselves.

So Belyaus, the month of May, 2012.
The place is located here:
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Sandy beach, long about about 1 km in a civilized form, and a lot of space in a very wild coastal strip.
In the civilized part of the beach there is a certain administration, which takes travelers to a small fee, but for it is removed, water supplies and create some semblance of civilization.
Photo №2:


In the civilized part of the beach are built here navesiki. It turns out that in May, these means of shading can not escape.
Photo №3:


Here are my family are experiencing an afternoon siesta in the shade only.
Sometimes you have to move under this canopy after shadow. Burns from the sun very taken lightly.
And in sleeping bags because they are things a breeze from the sea very strange and cool. He seemed to pass very low water flows through the sand and barhanchik. And it is in this highest point barhanchka stand canopies. There's always a breeze! 50 meters from the edge of the sea, where there are tents, this wind has not jitteriness. In the tent, the heat reaches 50 degrees!
Photo №4


In the background is the rare trees. They are hidden cars and tents savages. These are the only places for parking savages on wheels. But when it's Saturday and Sunday, come for a day is not enough space in the trees as they are populated by navesiki. Navesikov at all lacking. And once again our occupied navesik.
Photo №5


Then about trees and shrubs, koi give us a wall :)
Photo №6


And further. Please note, little trees. All space is not enough !!!
Stones in the sand - rare on this beach stones, which presses stretch tents. But this is not our version :)
Photo №7


And trees. In the distance one can see someone parking, tucked away in a white van in Tenek.
Photo №8


And parking savages. Van, canopy, heat ...
But behind the buildings - it is a civilization for which charged about 20 hryvnia. I do not remember exactly, for the month of May, and the money has not yet been collected, the beach is not officially open.
So, through the fence built toilets and showers. Water podetsya spot with svazhin. In this corner of Crimea brackish water, not suitable for drinking. But still there where clean teeth pokakashit the toilet, wash off the salt and sweat.
Photo №9


Let's go further about civilization.
Closer to the entry of the beach huts are built here. They can be rented for overnight stay or residence. Option for those who do not have a tent. Next to the cluster of huts has a big tent bar with a beer and a bit to eat. It works all this mini-hotel facilities only in season. In May, the guard told us, "Do you want to - live in small houses, the money is not going to ask» :)
Photo №10


But we came to the tent. In total, we lived on the beach for 10 days.
In the beginning in the civilized toilets there was no water and we just shovel dug a deep hole in the bushes, the benefit that there is sand. Here's a wild toilet. I made a deal, and the sand fell asleep. I hope it's still manure.
From prying eyes were covered with towels and other cloths.
About tent. 4-berth, a simple tent. It costs around 7000-8000 rubles in Moscow in the Decathlon. As extensions separately purchased cable and garbage bags filled with sand, purchased in advance :) Obi is very reliable.


Evening. As the drugs from an online withdrawal - a laptop. Along the road there are poles. which has a 220V outlet. But for this, too, as you have to pay. We did not use and did not recognize, sktolko is electricity. Enough Converter 12 / 220V charging nouta and phones.
Photo №12


Evening dinner is usually looks like that. Generally, good nutrition - it's great. Simple boiled potatoes, cucumbers and tomatoes, meat on the fire, and fresh eggs. Be sure the wine! Where else to drink wine, not in the Crimea? Around the village, there are a couple of shops, near shops have trays derevensoky fare. In the nearby village (a little further) is the market. Well, if you really want the city food, the city is also not far off the Black Sea, 25 minutes' drive.
Photo №13


All. The evening ends. At sunset countless multitudes of mosquitoes and they rave first half of the night.
Photo №14


In the evening, the heat has to go and be warmed slightly.
Photo №15


On the sand especially nothing grows. But those thorns - are growing. So that night walk on the beach is not recommended without shoes. But these plants are, thank God, do not try to lodges in the area of ​​water. But in the area of ​​savage tents - yes there is.
Photo №16


And the birds bake their eggs directly under the scorching sun. As well? stepping on the sand bare foot is not possible without the burn!
We fenced the nest with sticks that could be seen and not to trample.
Photo №17


To-Do breakfast, then, whether dinner. Apparently, still not hot, and you can just sit by the sea. Constantly hungry !!! And to drink !!!
As a result, for the punishment of the body for constant zhor, we ran in the morning surf on the sand along the beach. Very good exercise, run in the sand is not as easy as in Moscow at Planet Fitness on the treadmill. Who is running, who knows :)
Photo №18


Near the beach there are excavations of ancient settlements. Digging it in the 50s of the last century, archaeologists Moscow State University. As usual, laid the stones in the form of contours of dwellings. Vopschem, now there is no protection, nor any designation of the reserve.
Then the excavation (pictured) nachinet camping where people stand with large vans houses on wheels.
Photo №19


And another piece of excavation. The photo of the beach Belyaus. On the sand visible algae, which distribute the sea. So, the wild areas of the coast, these algae are. And where the pay zone of their local workers raked and there a little bit cleaner.
Photo №20


But this ... this ... Archaeologists claim that the remains of the ancient lighthouse Toli Scythians, Greeks felts ... I did not even remember who. But in reality it is the remains of a small pyramid, and where archaeologists have not patched construction with help of rough stones and cement, it can be seen.
On blocks soverschenno clearly visible slots for the clips exactly the same, which is, in South America, and even on the Giza plateau. I have looked all films LAI (Lab alternate history) and declare that it is the remains of a pyramid with approximately the same structural elements as in other parts of the world.
In the photo №21 meditation on the ancient stones.


In May, in addition to the dominance of the mosquito was grasshoppers and locusts. On the bumper was no mesh and as a result my cooler seriously injured and struggled after that trip. These are animals byliv great abundance, as well as some huge medlennoletayuschie beetles.
Photo №22


They settled in a tent and had their podkarlivat and generally make friends with them.
Photo №23


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Here are a couple of videos chosen. Taken with a piece of plastic with the name of the DVR, but in fact it was just a piece of plastic.
Road to the beach Belyaus:

Check the beach Belyaus:

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Photo №24 (the latter) are also removed from the place where the ruins of a pyramid.




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