This is my boar!

Today I want to talk again about the weapons. That is about 12 Boar Hammer.

For the past year, I am the owner of these weapons. In this review I will try to tell you what I encountered what I liked and what is not.

In the photo, my constantly replenished supply of ammunition. kupil- scheme put in the safe, and those who bought previously took and went to shoot. For the year nastrel boar was about 1000. Shoot every month, but I must say that I am not a hunter and not a "survivalist" and not an athlete. I shoot just for fun and keep in shape.

9 photo.

Here he is a citizen of an interesting appearance. For a year I had only a few non-critical recharge (trying to get the barrel racing patrons eat ... do not eat), a couple of times opened the lid of the receiver (and exactly on the 8th chuck directly mysticism ..), and once was the "chimney" (also do not understand why all the other patrons were working properly). Explanation. chimney, when the cartridge is not throwing to the end and he jammed the gate. (photo)

What I do not like the boar, is the quality of the painting. It simply is not! Yes, I understand that the weapon is rarely ideally, no abrasions, but why have cars scratching the paint zadolbali and tut- easily. I'm thinking about painting, but as a weapon of paint scribe stand, and I noble rukozhop, zakosyachu-zadolbali correct. The photo worn bolt (photo)

This is yet another confirmation. Swivel, simple sling swivel (!!) scratched the trunk to the metal! By the way, there was a problem with the sling. The quality of the eye, too, leaves much to be desired, and once she had just taken off ... it reduce a back joint efforts of two people, pliers and what's mother. (Photo)

That is what pleases me because it is a mechanic! Yes there are scuff, but it works and never boar sboil not the fault of the mechanism. All cables -pruzhinki acceptable (if not high) quality! (Photo)

Some of the problems I have personally caused the bolt and bolt head. After the larvae Kalash, where everything is simple and familiar, this larva is straightforward. She (larva) is composed of moving parts and that it would be necessary to combine the paste back grooves. and the first time, if you do not know how, vryat out. But the problem is solved practice and slowly builds the first showdown of weapons .. (photo)

Over the life of the threaded pusher (or his right?) Appeared loose, but it seems like the manufacturer's website saying that it's okay! Although this is annoying me. (Photo)

By the way, unlike the Kalash boar (and saygi12k) is that the Kalash piston is on the pusher, and then he single detail, why it was done, I do not know. But it works. To put it bluntly, the gases push the piston pushes the plunger and the whole shutter and weapons recharged. In the photo he is just ... a small piston. (Photo)

About Boar. This is not a gun for hunting and sports (except for practical shooting). It is positioned as a sort of office, self-defense, but the shot from that gun on live closer than 5 meters, is almost guaranteed to hit the target. Boar are available with 70mm cartridge chamber and a 76mm. As the plant produces "different configuration." Starting from the butt of the tree (of being a rough SVDeshny) Russian classical framework (like my boar) and sliding the western butts.
So, coming to the conclusion of the article I want to sum up and repeat all the pros and cons of Boar 12 Hammer.
The advantages include reliability, "oak", unpretentiousness.
By the dubious quality can be attributed weight. On the one hand it helps to dampen the impact of 12-gauge, on the other hand an hour you begin to understand that the best years behind and it weighs quite a lot of ...
By minusam- quality of painting. Sling swivel. Many complain weaver rail mount on the forearm. The problem is solved by setting the tactical pen.
In general, I do not regret the purchase. In the picture is incomplete disassembly of weapons. (Photo)

Finishing photographing review came to me "fuck meow" of his wife and tried to tell me on the feet. That he is in charge ...
At this point I probably will end. All the good and remember, guns do not kill, but people! Your Haupman!



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